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‘Extreme music’ gig cancelled after protest from churches
Published:  Apr 16, 2019 2:08 AM
Updated: 3:59 PM

Following protest from the Council of Churches (CCM), “extreme music” band Devouror’s upcoming Kuala Lumpur concert has been cancelled.

Announcing the news on its Facebook page last night, organisers Goatlordth Records regretted the “prejudicial” move.

“We are devastated that the Devouror’s Kuala Lumpur debut show has to submit to its fate of cancellation.

“As (the) organiser, we are frustrated that almost a year of effort has been suppressed to nothing, as we intend no harm or beef with the righteous authority.

“[...] All in all, (it is) not only us, the organisers of Devouror Live in Kuala Lumpur who have to succumb to our fate this time, but bear in mind that the fans of extreme music who only have extreme music to turn to, are also deeply affected by this prejudice (sic) move,” it said.

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The organisers contended that “extreme music” fans had now been denied their democratic right to enjoy their interest, and called for a celebration of different creative tastes.

Like horror films, it said music by bands like Devouror was intended to be provocative.

“As the media has misled many, ‘Satan worshipping music’ is nothing more than just a connotation of arts.

“As many other people like their horror movies gory, cheesy and bad, heavy metal or, to be more appropriately put, ‘extreme music’ is equally meant to be expressive and provocative by its obscure fans,” it said.

Yesterday, CCM questioned why the authorities had allowed a band with “anti-Christian and pro-Satanic” lyrics to perform on Easter Sunday (April 21), one of the holiest Christian celebrations.

“CCM calls upon the relevant authorities to explain the basis for granting permission to such bands that promote their music using extremely offensive and denigrating language that can hurt the religious feelings of others.

“On top of that, the live performance of the band will be on one of the holiest days of the Christian calendar, namely Easter.

“This will be considered an affront to the religious sentiments of Christians in the country,” CCM’s Reverend Herman Shastri had said. 

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