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Yoursay: Little joy greets Harapan government’s first anniversary


YOURSAY | ‘This wasn’t even a Pyrrhic victory - it seems a victory that never was.'

New Malaysia: One year on

Vijay47: May 9 - the date expected to be so many differing yet common things for all of us.

Sept 16 is for us to recall our pride as a nation; Dec 25 as the day for us to rejoice in celebration of a new birth; Deepavali Day in acknowledgement of the victory of good over evil. May 9 is when the sun rose again after years of darkness.

Yet, something is missing. Any joy, any celebration seems half-hearted and even reluctant.

And very fittingly, writer Yap Yok Foo’s article does not at all refer to the material trappings of change like cost of living, the ringgit’s standing, transportation problems, or that cursed 1MDB.

Instead, he focuses on the disappointment of spirit, the surrender of hope in the face of promises betrayed.

For richer or for poorer, we were all looking for a fresh Malaysia where everyone equally shared in the nation’s journey, come whatever glory or setback that might visit us.

The most painful, savage stab is the realisation that race and religion appear to be the only real concern of the new government under the guise that we should not spook the Malays, that we should do everything to assuage them.

So we have Pakatan Harapan in close embrace with the very people who reduced Malaysia to what it is now, welcoming them tight to the bosom. How true PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s claim that the non-Malays now dare to protest at being tersinggung (slighted).

Despite being aware that our standards of education have plummeted, we have unjust racist policies being further entrenched – we have qualifications of excellence being denied.

We have criminals being placed on lofty pedestals solely due to their talents in offending and insulting non-Muslims. Worse, we have rallies, statements, and threats being heaped on anyone who does not share Malay or Muslim status, with the authorities merely standing by, doing nothing, for fear of spooking the Malays.

And yes, we have the sad saga of pastor Raymond Koh, Amri Che Mat, and Indira Gandhi continuing on their path of sorrow so that the Malays can stay assuaged.

Looking back at a year ago, I wonder if we had really won. If we indeed did, it would not have mattered were it just a Pyrrhic victory. It was not even that, I fear. This seems a victory that never was.

Fair Play: I suppose those who dream of a better tomorrow are in their 50s, 60s and 70s and above. That includes the writer.

Like most, if not all senior citizens, they would look back to the past and yearn for the good old days.

Life is a journey, a passage in time until we reach the final destination. First, how many would have dreamt of the defining day of May 9, 2018 when the journey has taken a new destination?

But alas, just after one year, most, if not all, are already disappointed. Perhaps, more likely, their expectation is unrealistic relative to the period of one year, considering the untold damage inflicted on the nation for 60-odd years by the old regime.

However, the new regime is now using the full hammer of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (AMLATFA) against those who committed crimes. That’s a good start.

Then you have a new attorney-general, inspector-general of police, chief justice, and many other steps already taken.

To succeed, change has to be gradual, not abrupt and disruptive. Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is already 93 years old and he is still plodding on for a better tomorrow - certainly not for him, but for the future generation.

And the senior citizens - still yearning for the good old days? But the choice is obvious.

Disappointed with the new regime? Just go back to the old as that is the only alternative.

Change will come, but in baby steps, not giant strides. Many may not live to see it, I suppose. But they can still yearn for a better tomorrow for the next generation.

Scoopy Doo: My dear friend Yap, I share your concerns, your frustrations and your aspirations too. I totally agree that Harapan has bungled up many times and has been a disappointment.

However, the reality has to be faced. After 60 years, any change will be challenged, ridiculed and derailed if possible, what more when the race and religion card is brought up at every turn.

Looking closer, Harapan has made some positive changes, albeit lacking the gumption required.

I still believe, given time, and all our effort of taking the government to task et cetera, within the next two to three years we will see a better Malaysia.

Kunta Kinte: When you decided to amputate the leg so that you can get rid of the cancer growth, then learn to walk with one leg.

I voted to get rid of the corrupt and racist BN. Any good performance from Harapan is a bonus.

Mission Accomplished: I quite agree with many grievances the writer brought up against the present Harapan government.

I shared his feelings and after 60 years waited patiently and determinedly to realise my dream, the fall of the Umno kleptocracy. My dream came true but sadly, it was not complemented by the Harapan government.

My only excuse that I can use to defend incompetence is that it is just a one-year-old government with mostly rookie administrators as ministers.

Equally, let me remind the Harapan coalition the honeymoon period is over. If you still do not perform, the desire to kick you out will be strengthened.

Ghost Who Walks: A very truthful message indeed. All of us who supported Harapan in GE14 feel cheated somewhat. Even simple things in its promised election manifesto that does not need funds to be fulfilled are put aside for fear of spooking someone.

They are fearful of their own shadow and prioritise protecting their own chances of re-election, instead of doing the right thing for the country. Shame on these spineless and selfish politicians. Beware, we the rakyat have a long memory.

Jefferson76: I'm still very relieved. I shudder to think what things would be like if Najib Abdul Razak and company were still in power.

I'm not surprised about the slow progress. And I hope we don't fall back into the trap of sitting back and expecting the politicians to do it all. Because they won't.

If we want progress, we're all going to have to pitch in to get it.

Existential Turd: Reading the comments, I have another reason to mourn for Malaysia.

Malaysia is doomed not because unscrupulous politicians are dividing, scheming, scamming and plundering the country dry, but because it is filled with uncritical people who find all kinds of excuses for their favourite parties, in the guise of progressive thinkers.

If you had no idea how bad the state of the country was before GE14, that just exposed how naive you were/are. The country is in a worse state than you can imagine. Multiply 1MDB by 100, then you are closer to the truth.

Our competitors are not resting on their laurels. We have to speed up two to three times more, just to catch up.

This is no leisurely walk in the park. You will never be given more than what you demand. If you are satisfied with 50, you will be given 40. If you lower your expectations, you will be given something even lower.

Learn a thing or two from the Malay/Muslim far-right groups. They are never satisfied with what they get, they are always complaining of getting too little and constantly edging to get more.

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