Despite popularity dip, poll finds many would still pick Harapan


Modified 9 May 2019, 8:12 am

A Kajidata Research public opinion poll on Pakatan Harapan’s popularity, as it celebrates its first anniversary in power, shows that it is still deemed the most viable coalition to rule the country, as opposed to its predecessor BN.

The telephone survey, involving 1,007 respondents from different race, income, ages and gender groups, found that 40 percent of Malaysian voters still preferred Harapan despite the decline in its popularity, compared with BN (15 percent) and PAS (16 percent). 

The figures show that Harapan still has bigger support than BN and PAS combined.

An analysis of the study conducted to gauge the rakyat’s mood towards Harapan also revealed that 43 percent of high-income earners were satisfied with its management of the economy, but that only 30 percent of low-income earners were similarly satisfied.

This disparity will have a definite political impact, Kajidata said, with low-income voters being more likely to vote for the BN and PAS combination. 

It is also a clear indication that the economic well-being of the rakyat is one of the most significant factors in determining political allegiance.

The study, which was conducted from the end of March, also found Harapan support was limited in Kelantan and Terengganu, another indication that rural and low-income communities were not fully convinced the coalition is a better alternative.

However, the poll reveals that Harapan has solid support in states that it governs. The respondents in Sarawak, too, were optimistic of Harapan.

The other findings of Kajidata on Harapan's first year in power resonate with findings from similar studies, such as those conducted by the Merdeka Center and a YouGov survey commissioned by The Star Media Group.

A summary of the research firm's findings is as follows"

  • 42 percent are satisfied with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s performance, while 37 percent are dissatisfied.
  • Only 34 percent are happy with BN, less than the 39 percent for Harapan.
  • 40 percent would vote for Harapan, which is higher than for PAS (16 percent) or BN (15 percent).
  • Harapan has strong support in the states that it rules.
  • 42 percent believe that Malaysia is headed in the wrong direction, versus 35 percent who think otherwise.
  • 39 percent are unhappy with Harapan's performance, while only 37 percent are happy.
  • 43 percent are unhappy with Harapan. 
  • Only 33 percent are happy with the management of the economy.
  • 38 percent of youths would prefer to vote for BN and PAS combined, compared to 33 percent for Harapan.
  • 38 percent of low-income voters prefer to vote for BN and PAS combined compared to 31 percent for Harapan.
  • Harapan has little support in the Malay heartlands of Kelantan and Terengganu.

Established in 2015, Kajidata specialises in market, commercial and socio-political intelligence by conducting and combining the best of traditional public opinion polling methodologies, as well as social media analyses.

- Bernama

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