Yoursay: Hindraf 2.0’s Indian-only seats a ‘dumb idea’



YOURSAY | ‘Hindraf 2.0 should focus not on race, but on equal opportunities.’

At rally, Hindraf 2.0 demands seven Indian-majority seats

David Dass: Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf 2.0) de facto leader P Uthayakumar was a courageous activist. He did much to raise awareness of deaths in detention, what happened in Kampung Medan, and also conditions in prison.

But he is wrong here. Article 153 of the Federal Constitution is not a problem. Its scope is limited and probably irrelevant in the context of today's circumstances.

And calling on the Election Commission (EC) to create the seven Indian-majority constituencies runs contrary to the principles we fought for and the objections we had to the gerrymandering under the previous ruling party.

It is necessary for MPs to serve all of their constituents, and just not members of their own race. That was the evil of the past. Elected officials and ministers serve all citizens.

Perhaps in the Senate, comprising appointed individuals, an attempt should be made to ensure that minorities and all other interests are represented.

Quigonbond: This is a really dumb idea from someone whom the press is according too much importance to. So what if you have seven Indian-majority seats? Does it mean Indians don’t get to contest elsewhere anymore?

The current cabinet has the largest representation by Indian ministers – outsized actually, based on the proportion of the population. I thought that would count as an achievement.

Also, to ensure proportionate constituency size, it means herding all the Indians together. That’s just insane.

On the other hand, if Hindraf is asking for special treatment for Indian constituency, Umno-PAS supporters will also ask for special treatment. Not to mention, this is a violation of the spirit of proportionate representation.

Hindraf 2.0 should focus not on race, but on equal opportunities. Don’t be blind to the changes that have already been made under Pakatan Harapan, even if you don’t think these are being implemented fast enough.

Fellow Malaysian: Uthayakumar claims the majority Chinese and Malays have failed to speak up in defence of the minority Indians in the country.

Uthayakumar is making wild and frivolous claims. Since Harapan came into power one full year ago, there are four Indian senior ministers serving the government.

M Kulasegaran, Gobind Singh Deo, Xavier Jayakumar and his own brother, P Waythamoorthy, are shining examples that the community is well represented in the cabinet.

Out of the four ministers, three come from PKR and DAP, parties where Indian MPs and members are minorities.

Based on latest surveys carried out recently in conjunction with the Harapan’s first anniversary in power, Indians were found to be the most satisfied community with the government among the three major races. This again proves that Uthayakumar's claims are absolute bunkum.

RR: Uthayakumar, fight for meritocracy and affirmative action for all the poor in the bottom 40 percent (B40) income group. Then we will see the progress within a decade. Otherwise, there will be no end to race and religion being abused by politicians.

Uthayakumar’s grand strategy of seven Indian-majority constituencies in a Parliament of 222 MPs cannot have any influence on the government of the day. Let us be practical.

Ex-WFW: If every community were to follow Uthayakumar’s idea, this nation will go nowhere. It will only provide opportunists to demand the same thing.

Everyone should fight for equal treatment within the concept of advancing the interests of all Malaysians. Your actions, Uthayakumar, are a disservice to the progress of this nation.

You are making it racial, and yet you claim others are being racist? If every community were to put up the same claim, we would spend an entire generation fighting for an impracticable solution.

Clever Voter: Populist policies get traction. But it invites self-serving politicians who simply find it easier to mislead their own community. This is not new – race, religion and even money help.

Politics is no longer confined to people with strong convictions to make change happen, but has become a way for rogues to gain access to state resources and benefits.

Hindraf 2.0 would never win seats on their own, given their limited resources. They are now looking at PKR or even DAP to allow them concessions.

But they do have a valid point, since there are race-based parties in both Harapan and BN. Hindraf should perhaps register itself as a political party, and start from there.

Evin K: Hindraf 2.0 will never learn. There should be no such thing as Indian seats, Chinese seats or Malay seats in this New Malaysia.

Enough with the race-based politics. All seats are Malaysian seats. All Malaysians must be represented equally, regardless of what race constitutes the majority in a given constituency.

Seats must be given to the ablest candidate, the one that will work the hardest for the betterment of their constituents, not based on the skin colour of the majority.

KSD: I would lump Uthayakumar in the same category of people like Umno supreme council member Lokman Noor Adam and all the other Malay 'rights' activists.

They don't care about Malaysia. In fact, they don't really care about the people they claim to represent. They only care about themselves and their own ambitions.

For Malaysia to move forward, we have to stop the politics of race and religion. But I see no progress at all.

We are, instead, moving steadily towards a confrontation that will bring no good to most Malaysians. The few folks that will benefit from this are celebrating, because their plans are going very well.

Hindraf 2.0 has fallen into the trap they have set.

Anonymous_1547638301096.216154763786408: The irony of ironies is, Hindraf 2.0 cries racial discrimination, but in the same breath promotes racial segregation by demanding for race-based seats.

If they continue down this path and refuse to see beyond skin colour they won't last long in New Malaysia.

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