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Yoursay: Time to strip errant 'datuk seri' of titles

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YOURSAY | ‘Awards should be restricted to deserving individuals who have contributed to society.’

Cops probing 'datuk seri' over riot at KL bar

Serembanpau: This ‘datuk seri’, who has turned himself in to the police to facilitate investigations into a riot at an entertainment outlet along Jalan Klang Lama, seems to be an untouchable and can get away with assault and mayhem.

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador should look into this matter and ensure all relevant laws are adhered to.

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin can order a probe into the background of this person of interest, the Inland Revenue Board can check on his sources of income, and the MACC can check on the enforcement officers handling his previous brushes with the law.

The message is that this violent man must be put into safe custody.

Anonymous_1529214566: Indeed, had this ‘datuk seri’ been dealt with under the rule of law, this incident at Scott Garden, with a group of men armed with sticks tearing up an entertainment outlet, would not have occurred. 

We asked for it.

Anonymous: I think it is high time for the Pakatan Harapan government to scrutinise all police personnel and related authorities in their relationships with this young ‘datuk seri’.

Special Branch, please spend more resources on criminal activities, rather than policing politicians.

Until today, loan shark advertisements are covering every public signage and utilities. All the ‘sinful’ businesses are immune to clampdowns by the authorities.

If the police don’t care for their own dignity, we, the people, do.

Anonymous_1e23ccf0: Do we realise now why the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) is needed? Under the previous BN administration, the nexus of the underworld and the police reached dizzying heights.

Add into the mix royalty who endow lowlifes with titles, the crooked politicians and their sons who feed on the ensuing gravy train at the expense and safety of the rakyat, and we have the recipe for a failed state.

It's about time this madness is stopped.

RR: The government, especially state governments, must henceforth do a really thorough check on individuals before titles of ‘tan sri’ and ‘datuk seri’ are bestowed on them. 

We find more and more rogues carrying titles these days.

Kawak: Yes, it is high time the award of datukships be restricted to very deserving cases, where the recipients contributed greatly to society. There must be strict criteria to qualify for such accolades.

Presently, if you were to throw stones into a crowd, at least one would land on a ‘datuk.’

Anonymous_358fc451: Malaysia has too many of these ‘datuk seri’ who are nothing but thugs.

We should have a policy whereby those who with such titles and behave in an unworthy manner should be stripped of them. First, one to go should be the shameless ‘bossku’.

Cicak Boy: How come this guy is still a ‘datuk seri’? 

His title should have been withdrawn when he was found to be involved in a high-profile assault case in front of a temple several years ago. That would have taught him a lesson.

Anonymous_d2b60c76: These ‘datuk seri’ are bringing shame to others who have earned their titles legitimately. 

This is hardly the first time young punks with titles have caused public nuisance.

Mano: We see this ill-bred behaviour across all races.

With so many comments expressing disgust at how uncouth individuals have titles, is the royalty tearing away at its own dignity through association? This honour related to the titles bestowed by royalty has long lost any meaning.

In fact, people's reactions when introduced to any of these so-called titled people tells a lot.

At best, they pretend to be polite. Most will just snigger, if they do not throw in a caustic remark outright. Decent Malaysians would not touch these titles with a 10-foot pole.

Anonymous 69c55620: Governments come and go, powerful civil servants continue what they have been doing all this while – accosting ‘datuk’ and businesspersons for grease to ease. Why would they want to rock the boat?

Carpe Diem: Is the title of this young man going to be withdrawn by the royal who conferred it? 

And it is the second such case in which this ‘datuk seri’ is involved, not too hard to figure out who it is.

He shouldn’t be let off the hook a second time. He got away with an apology the last time, but it looks like he hasn’t learned his lesson.

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