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Yoursay: High hopes for Latheefa to reopen probe on ex-S'wak CM

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YOURSAY | ‘We shall see whether she is able to live up to her words and rid this country of corruption.’

Despite criticism, Latheefa vows to charge ahead

Vent: Attagirl, MACC chief commissioner Latheefa Koya. Way to go!

That fractious party she once belonged to seems hell-bent on crucifying her, rather than try to understand and appreciate the circumstances of her appointment which, we are led to believe, are technically justified because the parliamentary select committee (PSC) hasn't been formalised yet and apparently the old man (Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad) was acting within the ambit of the law in using his prerogative in choosing, in this case, his own woman.

Admittedly, there was no consultation. The old man fell back on his bad habits, but guess what? He pulled out a people’s choice for us. He unearthed some treasure from a trash can called PKR. 

So, I’m prepared to forgive him of many of his past transgressions for delivering this unpolished gem to the people of New Malaysia.

I don’t see her as a grubby power-grabber. In any case, according to Amanah leader Mohamad Sabu, ‘Atok’ (Mahathir) will “assess” her “from time to time”.

To each his or her own views on this appointment but in the meantime, I wish her the very best and trust that she will ‘trap’ the white-haired Rajah of Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud!

Mission Accomplished: Latheefa, prove your critics wrong by working hard and producing positive results. Let your worth be measured by your deeds. Nothing else matters.

Aida: Mahathir wants someone who is willing to go after the deep state. Follow the money trail. This has nothing to do with PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

You have to understand and admire her as she is willing to take on the fight, knowing her life might be in danger. You go, girl! May your God keep you safe.

Ram14: If somebody else was appointed in the same manner, Latheefa herself and former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan would have been the first to condemn the process. But now they feel it is a good move.

Democracy: Latheefa's appointment as chief of an anti-corruption agency without due process is corruption itself.

She may have the qualification and if so, why are Mahathir and she so afraid of the due process?

Anonymous #33227154: Indeed, Latheefa's appointment by Mahathir reminds us so much of former prime minister Abdul Najib Razak's 1MDB decision – one man makes the decision for the whole cabinet.

Quigonbond: It goes to show reform crusaders at some point will turn to self-interest. She should be graceful enough to say if politicians want to subject her to a parliamentary hearing, she is more than happy to oblige.

Clear Thinking: The MACC Act says the prime minister appoints. Why do the others want to be consulted?

Transparency as a concept must be properly understood. The rakyat elected Mahathir to be prime minister.

Mahathir appointed the cabinet. The cabinet must decide on how public money is to be spent and on policy.

They are not required to be consulted on who is to check on corruption. The MACC chief commissioner must be totally independent.

Beeja: It’s a quagmire for many of us – the competing need to observe due process (the much-needed reforms trotted out in the manifesto) against Latheefa's credentials/personality which is fit for the purpose – to drain the proverbial swamp.

The nation’s critical need for her services, we hope, justifies the means to this end.

Kural: Latheefa, keep the focus on the onerous and challenging task ahead as MACC chief and, most of all, do good by the nation as per your pledge.

The nation’s call for a Malaysia Baru hinges on the effectiveness of the MACC at stamping out corruption.

Malaysians, by and large, will applaud you – never mind the present resentment of some towards certain circumstances about your appointment.

Martha: Well, she has spoken her mind, let's give her the benefit of the doubt. We shall see whether she is able to live up to her words and rid this country of corruption.

And as for our PM, he should have at least had the courtesy to discuss the matter with his coalition partners. This is not Umno, Mr PM.

Prudent: No amount of popular support will nullify the dodgy process of her appointment and her unseemly haste in accepting such a dubiously-made appointment.

Latheefa had lowered herself by accepting such an appointment. It had revealed that she is likely just another self-serving politician.

Perakman2019: This drama is a blessing to BN when they do not even need to lift a finger. The self-destruction mode of Pakatan Harapan is so rampant and instead of helping the rakyat, they bicker among themselves.

Now, I know why a senior politician asks BN to be ready for an early general election and starts talking to PAS on seat allocation.

People Suffer: Latheefa, that should be the way. You should not bother what the politicians say.

What is important is what the people feel about you heading the MACC.

Anyway, there are many good people in MACC and we had good leaders in the past. Sadly, Mohd Shukri Abdull has resigned. But then, this is normal. Someone else has to take his place.

Mahathir may be wrong in not informing the cabinet earlier. Nevertheless, you are a very good choice for this position. Put Malaysia back in the map of what it was once. The people will be with you as long as we can curtail corruption.

OrangTua: Latheefa should not relinquish her position as MACC chief but she would do well to listen to both sides as long as they are honest opinions. The wisdom it accords her will keep her grounded, focused and courageous.

Cogito Ergo Sum: From the comments here, Latheefa, you can gauge that most of the people are for you.

Please be encouraged by this support and do your job without fear or favour. You have the people’s stamp of approval. We wish you every success in putting this nation back on track.

Vijay47: Yes, much has been heaped on your plate, Latheefa, things are not going to be a breeze. But just hang in there, slay a few Goliaths, and soon the whole country will be wondering how anyone could ever doubt you.

You could start by making a courtesy call to the Land of the Hornbills.

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