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Yoursay: Syazlin doesn't seem to get what 'conflict of interest' means

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YOURSAY | 'Instead of finding out the truth, is she trying to influence the outcome of the Adib inquest?'

Syazlin Mansor to resume role as lawyer for Adib's family in inquest

Retnam: If the family of the late firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim wants the outcome of the inquest to be that he was assaulted by rioters on that fateful night last November, then Syazlin Mansor is the best lawyer they can have.

On the whole, it is good that she is back, so there cannot be any claim of bias on the part of the Attorney-General’s Chambers. Let the coroner decide on the outcome of the inquest.

Falcon: This is an inquest, not a trial. But yes, play up race, religion, fan unfounded allegations and theories in the face of expert opinions. Do your worst.

Eventually, no one can hide the truth. Then one side will look stupid and foolish playing to the gallery, and the other vindicated in the face of expert evidence.

Anonoymosy f0124ca6: Syazlin says she is close to the family. That’s a good enough reason not to get involved. It’s difficult to be objective when you are close to the family.

The inquest is being held to find out how Adib sustained the injuries that led to his death, and whether this was accelerated by any action or omissions. Expert evidence is necessary.

However, Syazlin in all her wisdom has decided to reject the expert evidence as mere theory. She justifies her involvement just because she is doing it pro bono. I will never leave my fate in the hands of such a lawyer.

Shibboleth: Before taking up an assignment, the first question is to ask oneself is whether there is a potential conflict of interest.

Shamefully, when found out, Syazlin resigned from all roles in the inquest. Her second mistake.

Sinner: Pity Syazlin’s clients, though. This is a lawyer who does not understand conflict of interest.

Anonymous 122233: As Syazlin says, “The theory that the deceased was hit by the firefighters' (Emergency Medical Rescue Services) van is an unfounded theory which was made by those not involved in the inquest proceedings.”

Surely she is biased by saying this. She must accept the reasoning of the forensics experts with an open mind unless she has solid evidence to prove otherwise. Her criticism of Attorney-General Tommy Thomas shows that she is an immature lawyer.

Mafeeah: Syazlin, it’s very good and nice of you to have returned to represent the family after making that earlier hasty decision to quit.

But now it looks like you are in haste to go after the attorney-general? What’s going on here? Do you have an axe to grind with Thomas, or with someone else?

Xiaodidi: The Bar Council should initiate disciplinary action against Syazlin. She acted in conflict of interest and her press conference today touched on matters related to inquest proceedings itself.

She is clearly trying to influence the outcome of the inquest. Will the attorney-general move for contempt against her like he did to lawyer Arun Kasi? Will Bar president Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor move for action against her?

And by calling the testimony of the expert witnesses an “unfounded theory,” is Syazlin suggesting that she knows more about forensics than National Forensics Medicine Institute director Dr Mohd Shah Mahmood and Kuala Lumpur Hospital forensics specialist Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi?

Anonymous_1529214566: Good to have you back, Syazlin. Now you can continue to keep us entertained.

Zuraida's ex-aide: I quit because I lost faith in gov't

Mafeeah: So Ahmad Soffian Mohd Shariff quit as press secretary to Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin at the same time his wife Syazlin was told to recuse herself from representing the government in the Adib inquest?

What a coincidence. And now Soffian is talking about Pakatan Harapan not fulfilling the promises in its election manifesto and issues surrounding National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) loans?

Yes, perhaps it’s fitting that he quit. It’s pointless for him to continue.

Appum: I would tell Soffian “good riddance”, but it’s not worth saying anything to a sore loser who blames others when he himself has betrayed the principles of good governance.

If he had resigned before there was the issue of conflict of interest – due to his wife representing both the government and Adib’s family – then it would have carried some value.

Does Soffian not understand what ‘conflict of interest’ means? Then he is not fit to be in a position to serve the minister, and as her press secretary at that.

Coming out now to condemn the whole government and singling out his ex-boss Zuraida as the best of the bunch is a politically degrading cheap stunt.

Thickskin: We also wish that all the civil servants who have lost faith in the Harapan government also leave.

When all the people who have lost faith are replaced by those who do, then this country will progress and develop. Dead branches of a tree will naturally drop off with time.

Anonymous_1538808416: Zuraida made her own decision to hire the wife of her aide to represent her ministry at the inquest, despite knowing that she was also appearing for Adib’s family without consulting the AGC, and Soffian calls her the “best minister and leader”?

Such rank inability to follow or even understand protocol is deemed incompetence.

Anonymous f0124ca6: Tweedledee and Tweedle-dumb. A lovely spousal team, both using the press and the tragedy of Adib’s death to tell us what great people they are, with these great declarations that they have lost confidence in the government. They should get nominated for the Nobel Prize for hogwash.

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