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Yoursay: Dr M, in his twilight years, should restore judicial independence

YOURSAY | ‘Redeem yourself from your past actions. Be remembered for that.’

Revisiting the VK Lingam tape

Jeez: This special report on the role of lawyer VK Lingam in allegedly getting Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim confirmed as chief judge of Malaya is a timely reminder of those who hold cult-like adoration for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The rot all started under his watch.

Undoubtedly, Mahathir has done some good in this one year of stewardship, but someone has to rein him in when he strays again in the way he governs the country.

Under present circumstances, the prime minister still holds too much power without sufficient checks and balances. And yet, we still see a lot of mindless support when he sometimes overstepped the boundaries.

We deserve the dire consequences that befall us when we don't see what absolute power does to one's integrity, values, and resistance to temptations.

Anonymous 1689721435778173: At present, some royal commissions of inquiry have been conducted with no action taken, and yet people are still hankering for an RCI into this and an RCI into that.

The only good thing that comes out from these RCIs is exposure of some wrongdoings of certain people. Nothing more. People soon forget.

It goes to show how rotten the system is and how corrupt some of our judges are, although they are not held accountable.

Future RCIs must be matched with corrective actions. Otherwise, forget about RCIs.

It would just be a waste of time, just like the RCI on the huge loss suffered by Malaysia in the foreign exchange scandal which implicates Mahathir.

Cogito Ergo Sum: What all this means is that the recommendations of the RCI had meant nothing. And yet, we insist on another RCI on the judiciary after the explosive revelations by Court of Appeal judge Hamid Sultan Abu Backer.

We know the problem, but we do not seem to have the political nor judicial ability to correct the terrible injustice in the system of administration. ‘Nato’ (no action, talk only) describes it all.

Anonymous_gem49: This is a classic case of several rotten apples spoiling the entire barrel.

Come on, Mahathir, in my mind you started the rot because of your fight against Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. You destroyed the independence of the judiciary.

Now that you are in your twilight years, restore the independence of the judiciary and redeem yourself from your past actions. Be remembered for that.

Turkish author slams Dr M's comments on Jews as 'disrespectful'

Yong Yeok Fong: If any “hooked-nose" is Jew, then can we say anyone ‘bushy bearded’ is a terrorist? Anyone with a clear, civilised mind would not, but Mahathir’s mind is clouded by racism.

Thank God he is 93 and not 39 years old. Otherwise, imagine how much more damage he would have done to Malaysia's image as a moderate country.

Anonymous_1550204262: Mahathir keeps complaining about US President Donald Trump, but he belongs to the same boat.

He never seems to understand that it is never about the race but the individuals. Just because you were allegedly once taken for a ride by the financier George Soros, please do not run all Jews down.

OMG: Since Malaysia has a rotten system based on systemic racism, it is inevitable that the leaders that are thrown up will be just as full of rubbish. Where this is leading us, no one knows.

The thing that has kept us afloat for 40 years, oil and gas, is going to end soon. The reserves will dry up and the demand will dry up too due to replacement by renewable energy sources.

Just last year, Petronas paid a whopping RM55 billion special dividend to the government to shore up our finances after losing the ‘injection’ from GST (Good and Services Tax).

So, crunch time is coming in a matter of a few short years. Winter is coming, and we are still operating on outdated racist ideas.

My2cen: Mahathir can do a lot of things that his designated successor Anwar Ibrahim will not have the willpower to carry out. He can also deal with those “eagles.”

So, we will suffer Mahathir, as it won't be long. We hope the next prime minister will be able to continue with the changes he's making from the top.

The Cambridge Union and others should have known better when they invited him. It would be best if nobody invites him for talks from now on so that he can spend whatever time left to do some work here.

HangTuahPJ: I am also a Muslim. My take is: Who is Mahathir to condemn Jews?

Look at how any Indian Malaysians die in police lockups. Just look at all the blatant racist policies in this apartheid country.

And these Muslims feel so superior that they are the adherents to the one and only true religion and look down at all kafirs (infidels).

If these Muslims are really superior and the only true believers of the one and only God, then why are they so racist? Racism is not allowed in Islam. Why are they treating non-Muslims so despicably? Is that the practice of the most 'superior' religion?

And if the Jews are practising exactly what the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ types are practising, who is Mahathir to condemn the Jews? You are doing the same thing in Malaysia!

The Israelis are just trying to survive in a land locked on all sides by Muslims. If Muslims feel they are so great and are the ultimate believers of the one and only God, then offer the Israelis the olive branch.

If people like Mahathir go on with their rhetoric, who is losing out? Mahathir can say anything he likes, anywhere, but the ones dying are the Palestinians, goaded on to destroy themselves by people like Mahathir seated in their safe havens and crying foul. I am disgusted.

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