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Why I’ve given up on Putrajaya dealing with Taib

COMMENT | Over the years, I must have written so many articles about Sarawak Governor Abdul Taib Mahmud that I have actually grown tired of it.

I have resigned to the fact that no matter what I or others say or do, my ex-chief minister of 33 years remains “untouchable” even though he is notorious throughout the country and internationally.

People can call him by whatever names, demeaning and insulting even, but Taib couldn’t be bothered. Why bother about suing someone for RM50 million or RM100 million in damages either for defamation or libel? Taib doesn’t need the money. His name has been sullied by his alleged abuse of power by so many for so long so much so that he must be immune to it by now.

If I were Taib, I possibly would go down the same road. Why not? I am holding the exalted office of the Sarawak governor and in all likelihood, I could be in office until the day I draw my last breath. What can my detractors do to me that they have not attempted yet?

I will enjoy the rest of my sunset years, holidaying abroad for nine months in a year with my young wife and a new family, without a care in the world. With my immense wealth, the entire universe is at my feet. I could even sign up for a ...  

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