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Yoursay: Harapan dances to Umno-PAS’ tune on 3Rs

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YOURSAY | ‘When will Malaysia accept playing the racial card will be a disaster?’

Are we talking about race and religion more under 'new' Malaysia? Yes, data shows

Odysseus: This problem is designed by BN since the delineation of electoral boundary gave more weight to a particular race than others.

To win more seats and gain power, Umno and PAS kept harping on race and religion in order to build support for themselves with the view of winning the next general election.

In response, Pakatan Harapan had to play to this race and religion tune.

My proposal to solve this issue is to redraw the electoral boundaries to make it balanced in terms of racial mix and the number of voters per constituency.

With this, all parties will have to tone down their racial and religious politics to be a party for all.

Kepala Tak Centre: Umno and PAS are purposely harping on racial issues to create instability in Malaysia. Once there is instability, they hope to use it to capture Putrajaya.

Secondly, the growing influence of Islamist, muftis and preachers - if they are let to talk and do what they want, the government will not able to control the country in future.

Mission Accomplished: The Harapan government played into the hands of the Umno/PAS combination and are trapped by these racists and bigots.

Instead of building a forward-looking nation confidently and removing the evil of racism, Harapan engaged them by defending themselves and are afraid of offending the 3Rs of race, royalty, and religion.

When will Malaysia accept playing the racial card will be a disaster? It is backwards-looking and stymies the growth of this nation.

United we prosper, divided we falter.

Alunan Ombak: Since our first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia has never had a strong, respected leader. Successive leaders after Tunku have been greedy, corrupt and destructive.

Forget about a maturing brand of politics in Malaysia. Truth be told, our country is doomed.

Justice Now!: The truth is Umno and PAS have nothing to offer the rakyat.

They have no answer to corruption, no answer to the economy except making themselves and cronies rich, no answer to food security and industrialisation except to steal more money from the allocation for agriculture developments and industrial funding.

The fact can be seen in Felda, MAS and Proton.

They have no answer to human resource development, the fact can be seen in the misuse of human resource development funds and the thousands of graduates without jobs.

They have no answer for the defence of the country and public security, the fact can be seen in the non-existence of military assets and the useless one that does exist.

They have no answer in transportation and energy resources, the fact can be seen in the ridiculous tolls that rakyat have to pay, the nonsensical East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) and High-Speed Rail (HSR), and the huge hydropower in Sarawak that no one wants to buy!

What do they have an answer to? Race, religion, royalty, but even for these they don’t have answers because billions are spent each year to prop these up, and the “religion” or the “religious” are still too weak and too sensitive to face non-challenges from pictures and images and comments.

If you are strong and tough, you can brush off or laugh at everything that people throw at you, but the response of the weak is obvious.

Anon 2000: Yes, this is expected. Umno realises that they have nothing to offer the rakyat. So their only way forward is to divide the rakyat.

What better way than to bring up issues of race, religion and royalty - the 3Rs.

Ace: With due respect, such a study and analysis does not show anything. The basis is not right.

So, if someone says, “every religion teaches good”, or “the Indian race has a history dating back thousands of years”, or “the poor Malays should be given assistance”, et cetera, these will constitute bringing up "race and religion" and treated as something negative?

But there is nothing negative in the three examples brought up above. Shallow conclusions by the writer of this article.

Ian2003: The study may seem to be unrelated to anything that could be significant but it does show that the current opposition is making use and fanning race, religion, and royalty even more aggressively.

Harapan is no better as they also want to show that they are Malay champion and not Malaysian champion. That is the significance of this study.

How is that so? For one thing, in the name of freedom of speech, Umno and PAS have spewed even more venom and got away with a slap on the wrist, but some poor fellow posted something on Facebook was jail for one year.

Bosskuku Langsung Tak Malu: No. Not before or after, not us, and not Harapan.

It is actually the losers of the 14th general election that are talking more about the race and religion.

Why? Because they don’t have other topics. If you are talking about corruption, jurisdiction, or mismanagement, all these issues go to former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.

The Analyser: It’s time for you to get off your bike, stop blaming the opposition for everything, and to acknowledge that “the opposition” is as weak, feckless, and useless as the government. Umno-PAS have no power, no money, and no ideas. All they can do is mumble their feeble mantra about race.

If you want real racist politics in action, look no further than Mahathir’s Harapan.

Roger 5201: Umno is based on an ideology of supremacy, racism and bigotry.

The fact that Bersatu is trying so hard to match and outdo them in these areas increases rather than decreases division in this country based on race and religion.

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