S'wak duo flanks Anwar after signing pro-Azmin statement

Modified 18 Jul 2019, 9:02 am

Saratok MP Ali Biju and Puncak Borneo MP Willie Mongin flanked PKR president Anwar Ibrahim during a public appearance today, despite the duo signing a joint statement directed at the party president.

When Anwar held a press conference at the Parliament lobby this morning, Ali stood to his right and Willie to his left.

Anwar said the content of the joint statement does not challenge his credibility as the party president and Ali, who is also the party vice-president, concurred.

"It is a sign, a call to unite the party. That is the issue at the moment," said Ali, when asked why he signed the joint statement.

Both Ali and Willie are among the senior members of Sarawak PKR.

They were among 22 PKR lawmakers who signed the joint statement urging Anwar not to utter remarks that can cause friction in the party.

This was in response to Anwar's comments yesterday, which suggested that his deputy Azmin Ali should quit politics if the latter’s involvement in a sex scandal was proven to be true.

The 22 PKR lawmakers had urged Anwar to stand firm against "gutter politics" being employed against Azmin.