Yoursay: ‘Less than ideal’ decision on Lynas not good enough



YOURSAY | ‘Environment minister Yeo Bee Yin is not the idealist she’s made herself out to be.’

Lynas decision not ideal but better than status quo, says Yeo

Kangkung: How could it be “better”, Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin?

Let Lynas look for another site to dispose of its toxic waste within Pahang is “better than the status quo”?

So now the "benefits" as the world's only major producer of rare earths outside China is more important than the rakyat in Gebeng, Kuantan.

Pakatan Harapan campaigned loudly against Lynas, even comparing Lynas to a nuclear plant, and now they sing a different tune.

Quigonbond: Yeo Bee Yin is not the idealist she’s made herself out to be.

If it is not ideal for her, will she quit? Or that’s just too much sacrifice for her after a few years in political opposition?

Clever Voter: The minister is saying half a loaf is better than none. Unfortunately, the risk remains.

Past experiences with standards and enforcement are not convincing. After all, Lynas puts profits as a priority.

It is amazing to hear the reasons for keeping the toxic wastes, as not too long ago even installing an incinerator could not even get past the local authorities.

TangoBug: In medicine, we focus on a risk/benefit ratio, with benefit always prioritised. In politics, they focus on the ethics/economic issue, with economics always coming on top.

In democracy, they focus on a capitalist/socialist concern, with capitalism always winning. In capitalism, they focus on a rich/poor divide, with the discrepancy always increasing.

In campaigning, politicians focus on promises of heaven, always delivering hell.

Congratulations minister, you are part of a democratically-elected government which protects, promotes and promulgates policies which always results in capitalistic fat cats monopolising the economic cream at the expense of the common weal through continuous exploitation of the poor.

Having read your resume, a simple question for you, minister: Does your idealism have an ethical core of steel? Or sadly, like most politicians, are your ideals and ethics just opportunistic? Do you cower beneath the cloak of pretentious pragmatism?

As an unexpected minister, does consideration of ministerial position enforce compromise?

Negotiation is the art of compromise but appeasement is betrayal of everything ethical. Integrity is a continuing journey very few can stay the path.

“Not the ideal, but better than the status quo”? Please minister, please, search your soul for the corrosive stain of corruptive pragmatic compromise.

Please minister, the line may be very narrow but it is there, clear and distinct, do not lose sight of it.

Consider the honourable option of defining your worthy disagreement; by Aug 15, all will be stained by “collective responsibility”.

Backbencher by principle is ethics and integrity exemplified. I beseech you to reconsider.

Wira: Lynas may bring a small economic benefit to this country. However, that should not be overblown to include the fact that it is the world's only major producer of rare earths outside China.

No, that benefit is not for Malaysia's taking as Lynas is not a Malaysian company but an Australian entity. The Malaysian-registered Lynas Malaysia has little economic spin-off for this country.

However, if those radioactive materials are not treated properly, the toxic poisons that remained in this country will continue to be active for millions of years.

We already have a radioactive waste land in Perak where the wastes left by Asian Rare Earth were dumped, affecting the health of residents nearby. Efforts are still continuing to rid the land of all radioactivity.

This had been well-documented and happened during Mahathir's initial rule.

The Harapan government is morphing into the liar and cheat which BN had been accused of before.

This is the beginning of the end of Harapan and DAP.

Wg321: So Lynas was still in the process of hunting for a waste disposal site within Pahang, where the plant is based. Par excellent idea!

The best place to dump the radioactive waste is near Pekan. This is because the area around Pekan is sparsely populated.

Besides, the present MP, Najib Abdul Razak, is the one who approved the setting up of Lynas when he was the prime minister then.

StraightTalk: Previously, the BN government was doing 'tai chi' with the rakyat on the Lynas issue. Now it is the Harapan government's turn to do 'tai chi' on this issue.

Based on the political and "so-called economic" benefits, Lynas may be an "unwelcome business" but in all probability, it is here to stay for a long time.

And our government leaders could continue to use Lynas issue to whatever benefit they want.

Anonymous_f17aea32: If it is so economically beneficial as advocated by some stupid ministers, why doesn't Australia, where the rare earth comes from, have the processing plant located there and create thousands of jobs for itself.

For a few dollars, we are prepared to even store the toxic wastes here in Malaysia permanently. We are just nothing more than prostitutes.

Anonymous_1397028759: Malaysia is fast becoming a dumping ground - of waste and of preachers that other countries ban.

I suggest all these wastes be confined to areas around Putrajaya.

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