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Angered by khat issue, Kit Siang's Johor constituents heckle him
Published:  Aug 10, 2019 12:08 AM
Updated: 4:09 PM

The khat issue continues to haunt DAP with even veteran leader Lim Kit Siang coming in for some rough treatment at a "Hungry Ghost Festival" event at his Iskandar Puteri constituency in Johor.

According to an organiser of the event, Lim was at the receiving end of some heckles and jeers from the crowd which numbered a few hundred.

Ng Siam Luang, special constituency representative to Lim Kit Siang said that in the course of his speech, the DAP MP decided to take the opportunity to explain the khat issue to the audience.

Based on brief video clips of the event, this did not go down well with members of the audience shouting "You still want to lie" and other such phrases to him.

"They also asked why the UEC qualification has not been recognised," Ng said adding that Lim's appearance had been a last-minute surprise.

Asked if Lim was booed, she answered "You know, the festival has always been a bit chaotic. Some of them took alcohol. There were people shouting and I feel some took the opportunity to spice up the issue."

The function's organiser, who asked not to be named, however, said that it happened, "[...] because local people are not happy about the issue of the proposed introduction of the khat script (into Bahasa Malaysia textbooks for Year 4 students in vernacular schools)."

"The mood on the ground over this issue is anger and there were also some MCA people there."

However, he emphasised that it was not a major incident and that Lim didn't leave the event because of it.

"He finished his speech and left because he had another function to attend, that's all," said the organiser who said he felt sorry that Lim had to experience being heckled.

Ng added that Lim will have a press conference tomorrow morning in Iskandar Puteri.

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