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Yoursay: Bury Lynas waste in Balok since residents want plant

YOURSAY | ‘Who is the leader of the pro-Lynas residents? Just dump it in his backyard.’

Pro-Lynas residents lodge police report against anti-Lynas activists

Wira: Since Lynas is looking for a place to store its wastes for planned recycling, why not put it in Balok (whose residents support the Lynas plant)?

By the way, who is the leader of the pro-Lynas residents? Just dump the wastes in his or her backyard.

Annonnymous 080: Indeed, if the Balok residents like Lynas, why not convert part of their land and monetise it for the Permanent Disposal Facility (PDF).

That would be a win-win. After all, the 'radioactiveness' of the wastes is low and can surely be tolerable to Balok residents.

So why burden other Pahang folks with the PDF?

Liew Lean Kut: It is very easy to decide whether the residue from Lynas is dangerous or not. If Lynas said the residue is not dangerous to human, why doesn't Australia allow it to be sent back?

The minister, the government and those that have self-interest in the company, keep saying that it is not dangerous.

These people can prove that the residue is not toxic by moving their family to Gebeng, Kuantan (where the plant is located).

Kangkung: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, ask Lynas to build the permanent waste disposal facility in Balok village, right in front of these pro-Lynas activists' houses.

After khat issue, DAP to hold another pow-wow over Lynas

Jackal Way: DAP should put its foot down and remove Lynas from Malaysia and khat from schools. Any less will lead to DAP being punished horrendously in the next election.

Don't say it has not been warned. Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders seem to have lost their courage.

Annonnymous 080: This is interesting. It looks like either the younger set of DAP leaders have become so vocal, and have the support of grassroots, to take over from the current echelon of ministers and ageing veterans of DAP.

That, or the current lot of DAP ministers are sharpening their knives for a major kill of potential leaders to stop any challenges in the future, which would make them as ineffective as MCA was made out to be before the 14th general election.

Annonymous: Yes, Greenpeace Malaysia confirmed the hideous, evil and revolting fact that Malaysia has become the world's number one rubbish bin.

As much as 800,000 tonnes of the world's garbage, plastic and toxic waste are shipped in and dumped in every illegal site they can hide, causing untold suffering to and spreading killer diseases among the poor kampong folks in rural areas, as well as horrendous air and water pollution of unimaginable proportions.

Malaysia boleh!

Anonymous_be07867c: Australia could have become among the richest countries in the world by processing rare earths in their own backyard.

Clearly, Malaysia was transformed into the world’s rubbish dump under the previous regime. But Malaysians are stupid, so at the expense of our lives, Mahathir agreed to find a place within the country to bury the processed rare earth.

Mahathir, a medical doctor by training, is talking more about money than the health of Malaysians. Something is wrong with this man.

SY Wong: The whole khat episode is a conspiracy of the cunning old fox. He wants power and control.

If Mahathir is sincere about passing the baton to PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, he would have appointed him to be his deputy. He didn’t because it would strengthen Anwar’s power base and influence.

There is no way for Bersatu to gain a foothold when PKR and DAP are so strong. The old fox is buying time to consolidate his power, and growing Bersatu’s strength by weakening PKR and DAP’s influence. This is a tantamount betrayal to the alliance and Pakatan Harapan voters.

His first target is Umno. He increased the number of Bersatu MPs in Parliament by encouraging Umno lawmakers to jump ship.

The second target is PKR. Deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali is just one of his pawns, ‘blue-eyed boy’ is too nice a term.

Who is really behind the circulation of the sex video implicating Azmin?

If Anwar had the video in his possession, and evidence of Azmin’s wrongdoing, he could have just struck a deal behind the scenes for him to back down.

The circulation of the sex video brought more harm to Anwar and PKR than anything. Anwar knows all too well the people are very sick of infighting for position and power.

What was the reason Mahathir loyalist Khairuddin Abu Hassan lodged a police report over old sex videos implicating Anwar? Was it to tarnish the PKR president’s image so he could not be the next prime minister?

Bersatu appears to be the winner this round. PKR is split.

And now, the target is DAP. The old fox knows education is the life and blood for the Chinese community. Khat is just a ploy to erode DAP’s power and Chinese support.

It is obvious that it is done on purpose to stir up Chinese emotions to the maximum. DAP took the public backlash. They are now being called ‘running dogs’, etc.

Kit Siang thought to defuse the situation by saying learning Jawi did not make him less Malaysian. What made him believe that the majority of Chinese would be okay with the introduction of khat in the Standard 4 Bahasa Malaysia syllabus, even for vernacular schools?

Bersatu is the winner again this round. It’s a double whammy for DAP.

DAP and PKR leaders have to work really hard to win the next general election. PKR, DAP and Amanah need to unite to send a strong message to Mahathir to honour the Harapan manifesto.

Serve the country with honour. Make an all-out effort to reform and stay the course despite the obstacles from the old fox. May the force be with you.

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