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Yoursay: Ignore the boycott, Harapan, and get back to governing

YOURSAY | 'What is unhealthy is when leaders hop on every bandwagon to hide their ineffectiveness.'

Non-Muslim boycott: Anwar says unhealthy, Guan Eng slams PAS, Umno

The Analyser: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim says the boycott against non-Muslim products is unhealthy.

But what is really unhealthy is when weak, directionless, unprincipled politicians hop on every bandwagon that comes along to hide the reality that Pakatan Harapan has totally screwed up Malaysia.

Any real government would ignore all these silly little distractions and get on with the business of governing.

Newday: Anwar and other Harapan leaders, while it is appreciated that you come out against the blatantly racist boycott call, you are just not being loud or firm enough.

This boycott is clearly aimed at ensuring a wider divide between true believers and non-Muslims.

It is clearly meant to be divisive and affect peace and harmony, which is clearly seditious in nature. You must stomp all over this and shut these religious and racial bigots up!

Abraham Samidas: Why don’t Umno and PAS ask their followers not to work in non-Muslim companies? And seek employment strictly in Muslim factories, companies or organisations? That would surely reflect their seriousness. All other types of boycotts are meaningless.

A responsible politician will strive for a united Malaysia. Those who are dividing the people are insincere towards the progress of the country and its people.

Nasi Lemak: The country doesn’t have much of a future, it seems.

'Buying Muslim-made products first not racist, gives people choice'

Being Right: With all these boycotts, some will gain and some will lose - on both sides. Some customers will continue to buy from whom they prefer. Some will be forced to switch for personal reasons.

One thing for sure, it is immaterial what people say, it is obvious that Malaysia will be more divided from now on, and eventually may spend more time bickering,l which would result in the failure of ‘1Malaysia’. It is sinking permanently.

Congrats to those leaders who are striving hard to achieve their own objectives.

Ipohcrite: If it is the people's choice as to what they wish to buy, why do you need to start a campaign to advise them?

Former Pulau Betong assemblyperson Muhammad Farid Saad's excuse to justify the campaign is really lame and pathetic, and nothing more than an attempt to be divisive.

Cicak Boy: In the first place, Muslims are not a race, so such policy cannot technically be racist. But it is fascist.

What if non-Muslims decide to give 'priority' to non-Muslim goods. Is religion here to help us get along better or to divide us? In Malaysia, religion is showing how brainless its followers have become.

Kurang Manis: Facebook, Google, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Yahoo Mail, Gmail. Hotmail, Firefox, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter, Ebay, Lazada, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, IBM, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus are very kafir.

Mujahid: ‘Hate, enmity’ in one corner, ‘Islamophobia’ in the other

David Dass: De facto religious affairs minister Mujahid Yusof Rawa says there were those who were peddling hate and enmity in one corner, and Islamophobia in the other.

There is no Islamaphobia in Malaysia, Mujahid. In fact, there is a remarkable degree of tolerance and acceptance of the faith.

Do not misunderstand concerns about resistance and reaction to attempts to convert non-Muslims as hatred or enmity to Islam. People are passionate about their religious beliefs. In fact, many non-Muslims are passionate about their freedom to believe whatever they believe.

Many people – Muslims and non-Muslims alike – believe that religion is a personal matter and prefer to pray and worship quietly. They do not like the politicisation of religion and certainly, they do not like the criticism and condemnation of other religions.

So when the education minister talks of "medan dakwah" when speaking of Muslim teachers going to Sarawak, that sends tremors among non-Muslim parents.

The agony of M Indira Gandhi and the family of pastor Raymond Koh creates fear and anxiety of similar occurrences. So if you are suggesting that there is a problem on both sides, you are wrong.

Vent: Correction Mujahid. The mad mullahs are in one corner, the Malay mob is in the second, and the Bersatu bandits in the third.

All are raining insults on the hapless non-Muslims who have been pushed into a very tight fourth corner and accused of being anti-Muslim and anti-Malay by these racists and bigots.

Indeed, you can't get away by placating the perpetrators and accusing the victims of the same 'crime’.

Cheun Tick: Please don't preach to the converted, Mujahid. Ask yourself and your colleagues in Harapan, honestly and without prejudice, have you folks taken any action to make our country a more civil, just and democratic nation?

As some other commentators here have pointed out, you folks are now part of the problem – trying to out-Malay Umno and out-Islam PAS.

You folks in Harapan have taken your support for granted. There is pushback from the rakyat because this is not the change we voted for.

Legit: Mujahid, these problems are the creation of Bersatu, Umno, PAS and the Islamic extremists in the country.

Don't blame the non-Malays and non-Muslims who are being bullied, insulted and threatened by the fanatics and the insecure.

These politicians keep claiming the Malays and Islam are under threat. What threat? It is a figment of their imagination and insecurity. All these can be put to rest by Harapan if you can only act responsibly and do your job as what people elected you to do.

If those of you in government cannot control these fanatics, then you are not fit to be the government. Let the corrupt Umno and PAS take over and complete the destruction of this country.

Ravinder: Mujahid, please get to the bottom of it, honestly. Who started it all? Who set up the National Civics Bureau to hammer home the superiority of the Malays?

Who allowed Muslim preacher Zakir Naik to have a free hand to hammer the non-Muslims in his high-sounding hate speeches, mischievously labelled ‘comparative religion’ lectures?

Why was no action taken when local racists and bigots do things such as telling schoolchildren to “go back to where they came from” or “hide” in the school washroom to have their meals during Ramadan?

This issue has to be addressed very honestly, even if the fingers point to one’s own self.

Does the government have any political will to haul up the racists – of any faith – and deal with them under the law?

What happened to the Manjung rowdies who trespassed into a convenience store and demanded that the operator remove all the beer bottles or else they will be smashed up?

It's a simple case of science that every action has a reaction. So, please don't look at the reactions only, but look deeper to find the first part, the actions.

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