NUJ, Geramm condemn death threat against journalist

Modified 9 Sep 2019, 2:44 pm

The National Union of Journalists Malaysia (NUJ) condemned a death threat which it said was issued against a journalist with the New Straits Times Press (NSTP).

"The NUJ has received a report from its branch at the New Straits Times Press over one of its members/reporters who had received a death threat through an e-mail yesterday.

"NUJ strongly condemns this kind of act which is tantamount to a criminal case and whoever is responsible for making such a threat must be investigated and brought to justice immediately by the police," the union's secretary-general Chin Sung Chew said in a statement today.

"The journalist has since filed a police report at a nearby police station," he added. Chin did not name the journalist.

He said that anyone dissatisfied with a news report had a right to file a complaint through the proper channels and not through "heinous acts".

"A journalist has the right to pursue the truth in reporting as long as it's based on facts and no one can hinder him or her from doing so by taking the law into their own hands.

"NUJ urges our members and journalists as a whole not to tolerate any form of verbal or written threats by anyone and immediately report them to the authorities to help curb these actions," he said.

Chin added the NUJ was very concerned by the incident and would monitor it closely to ensure the safety of journalists.

Meanwhile, media advocacy group Gerakan Media Merdeka (Geramm) also condemned the death threat.

It revealed that the death threat was against a journalist from Berita Harian, which is part of the NSTP group.

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"It is understood that the alleged threat was sent in relation to an exclusive report by the journalist concerned. A police report has since been lodged over the incident.

"Geramm hereby urges the police and MCMC to take immediate action to identify and investigate the individual responsible," it said in a separate statement.

Geramm added that any form of threats against the media was unacceptable.

"All journalists have the right to report based on facts without being overshadowed by fear of any quarter.

"Parties unhappy with any media report should use the right channels either by exercising their right to respond or taking legal action if deemed necessary," it said.

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