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Rafizi censures opposition hoping to use race instead of brains to win power
Published:  Sep 11, 2019 10:29 AM
Updated: 10:54 AM

Rafizi Ramli, who has been keeping a low-profile on political matters, came out with his guns blazing against Umno and PAS for fanning the flames of racism instead of behaving like a credible opposition.

According to the PKR vice-president, the parties are sowing the seeds of hatred amongst the Malays towards other races, especially the Chinese, hoping this would pave an easier path to winning the next polls.

He said while Umno and PAS are peddling the claim that the Chinese are now in control of the nation, former premier Najib Abdul Razak, however, is sporting a wide grin.

“He (Najib) was quicker. He had surrendered all matters regarding 1MDB (from public funds) to (fugitive financier) Jho Low,” he added in a sarcastic Facebook post.

By harping on racial sentiments, Rafizi said Umno does not have to answer to the decades of destruction due to their reign whereas PAS need not explain its accusation that Umno is unIslamic and equating it to infidels.

He claimed that the two parties, who are set to ink a charter to formalise their alliance this weekend, know that it is more convenient to stir racial feelings than becoming a credible opposition.

“A credible opposition rejects corruption and polices the government. Umno and PAS have discarded credibility by placing Najib on a pedestal despite the whole world knowing how 1MDB was robbed.

“A credible opposition would crack their heads to suggest approaches and policies which are better than what the government has implemented for the betterment of the people.

“Umno and PAS, however, do not care about defending the people. Until now, except for harping on race, there has not been a single viable suggestion from both the Umno and PAS leaderships,” he added.

Training his guns on Najib, he said the former premier is confident that his followers on social media would swallow hook, line and sinker whatever he throws at them.

“He will continue to throw new material to cover his embarrassment over what is exposed in court on a daily basis.

“Najib is being tried for embezzling public monies. Not one ringgit or two but thousands of millions which is enough to provide scholarships for hundreds of thousands,” he added.

The ongoing trial, Rafizi said, showed that Najib trusted the Penang-born Jho Low more than the high-ranking Malay officers in his administration.

“Najib's trust towards Jho Low was so great that when the 1MDB issue became public knowledge, it was Jho Low who was entrusted with preparing the Prime Minister's Office's answers regarding 1MDB,” he added.

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