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Measure of hope: Umno and PAS leaders defend alliance, assuage non-Muslim fears
Published:  Sep 13, 2019 12:33 PM
Updated: Sep 14, 2019 4:05 AM

  • UPDATED 4.10 PM | Adding comments from Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

Come tomorrow, the iconic Umno headquarters at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur would witness the marriage of two bitter foes, whose political romance was rekindled after their common adversary Pakatan Harapan won the last general election.

After Umno and PAS' courtship proved to be successful in three consecutive by-elections, it prompted them to tie the knot with the hope that as a couple, the two parties can capitalise on their respective Malay and Muslim supporters.

Despite this, Umno senator Khairul Azwan Harun said it is still premature to conclude that the alliance would lead to more racial politics.

“The truth is I see this alliance as a measure of hope.

“I view this as an opportunity for all Malaysians who are tired of the current racial divide due to the directionless leadership and broken promises, to start a conversation of rebuilding a tolerant society and resilient economy again. This alliance must guarantee all races receive the rightful and fair chances to pursue their dreams,” he added.

Just as DAP and PKR did in the past, Azwan (photo) said, this new alliance is and always has been a game of logic.

“Harapan leaders who are fear-mongering are only shooting themselves in the foot and exposing their Islamophobia.

“The hard truth is that an alliance like this, whilst providing concrete policies, can also bring about more assurance for the majority, the segment most disheartened since Harapan's rise,” he added.

Johor Umno Youth chief Mohd Hairi Mad Shah urged non-Muslims not to fear the alliance.

“It is not a racist agenda, what more an extremist one. This is an agenda for all, not only for the Malay Muslims but for the whole multiracial Malaysians.

“Ummah unity is an agenda to form a political power to fight Harapan, which did not only fail to manage the country but is causing damage to the country built by BN and enjoyed by all,” he added.

Under BN, Mohd Hairi (photo) said, the country's economy was prosperous, racial issues were under control, insults towards religions and the royal institution were effectively prevented.

“I am calling all Malaysians, regardless, whether they are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Siamese, Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban, and all who are regarded as rakyat Malaysia, for the sake of our beloved country, let us go to PWTC. Let us make the people's agenda to save the country from Harapan's regime a success,” he added.

Here is what other PAS and Umno leaders are saying:

PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad

Unity based on worldly things and wealth will not last. Humans will never be satisfied with these two things. Islam must be the core (for unity)

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man (in a sermon)

Be assured that without sincerity to Allah, we would not be able to unite, cooperate. Allah united us.

The Jews feared Muslim unity between the Aws and Khazraj in Medinah to the point the Jews instigated to divide the Muslims.

Don't let there be among us who brings the devil's whispers in our efforts to unite the ummah.