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Yoursay: No dignity in demanding dignity… after 6 decades of dominance

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YOURSAY | ‘We are all Malaysians only when it's election time.’

Yoursay: Malay Dignity Congress: Hadi to join Dr M despite Umno leaders panning event

Anonymous 0123456789: May good sense prevail. Malay leaders from all political parties should support the Malay Dignity Congress.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's attendance speaks volume of his concern for Malay and Islam dignity being challenged by other races.

Abdul Hadi Awang's attendance is a bonus and insya-Allah (God willing), Umno leaders will also attend.

They should put aside their differences for the betterment of the Malay race. Malay dignity should never be compromised.

The Chinese must know where their place is in Tanah Melayu. The DAP leaders have to be blamed for instigating the Chinese to be vocal in challenging the positions of the Malays and Islam.

They should look at the plight of their brothers and sisters in Hong Kong, and appreciate how lucky they are to be given citizenship in peaceful Malaysia.

Newday: Dignity: "A state of quality of being worthy of honour or respect" (Oxford dictionary).

It is of serious concern that a race of people even need to discuss this when they have been subject to all sorts of positive reinforcement and affirmative action for over 60 years.

Why has it been determined that Malays need dignity? Is what Mahathir has started many years ago not enough?

Why are Malays not already honourable and/or respected? Is it because the spoon-fed pride is just that - spoon-fed?

Look to other races here who have dignity through their application at school and at work without being spoon-fed.

Learn from others, be independent, do your work with purpose and pride. Do not be distracted by the fake news that others are out to destroy the Malay/Muslim way of life.

This lack of dignity only comes from within the race, not from us Malay liberals and non-Malays.

There is inflammatory stuff like "if the non-Malays know where their place is". How do you think that makes non-Malays feel? Belittled? Second-class citizens?

You spout spurious facts such as a “DAP-dominated Pakatan Harapan”, when the facts show otherwise. You spout the tired rhetoric of “Chinese chauvinist DAP”.

It is always your side that goes on and on ad nauseam about non-Malays questioning Malay privileges, but I have yet to read or hear where this is actually the case.

All this rhetoric is invented by you lot to divide and create unrest to enable your supremacist agenda to be realised.

While you lot keep on spouting racial and religious nonsense, my entire family and all our friends will keep on voting for Harapan,

We are Malay, mixed with a bit of non-Malay, and we are proud of being Malay and Muslim.

We don't have any issues with our dignity as we have managed to educate ourselves and work hard.

Our dignity is firmly intact. What about yours?

Can you ever have any dignity if you keep making fake stories about Malays being threatened all the time?

Live a life with endeavour and purpose, contribute to society, and dignity will naturally follow.

RR: Malaysians, whether Chinese, Indians or others, have never questioned the rights of Malays that are enshrined in the Constitution.

But this – a congress by Muslim organisations – is overdoing things, and is political in nature, causing division in the already divided communities.

The prime minister should keep away from such a congress as he is the prime minister for all Malaysians.

Anon: When he is at the United Nations giving a bombastic speech, Mahathir is a Malaysian.

But when he is on home turf, Mahathir is a Malay.

Just a Malaysian: If you are in total control of all levers of power and administration for over 60 years, and have not developed confidence or a sense of dignity, who is to blame?

A congress will not help. More hard work, more intelligence, more productive work, that will help.

Faulting the DAP, Chinese, Jews and whatnot shifts the blame away from oneself. It feels good, but you are none the wiser.

Malays need to move away from such rhetoric. Never has there been a country where the majority race is in total control, yet screams about victimisation and discrimination from a minority whose only 'sin' is to work hard and work smart.

Dignity is earned, not demanded.

Anonymous 2460731492169523: When in power and after elections, talk about ‘ketuanan’ (supremacy). When it's election time, we are all Malaysians.

Undecided: "Many of the questions not only belittle Malays but also question the Malays' bumiputera rights, the position of the royalty, belittle and question Islam and also cultural issues such as the national language,” said the event's secretariat chief executive Zainal Kling.

It is those Malays who are dignified, who are the most critical because they feel that Malay leaders after Tunku Abdul Rahman have failed them and the country by using race and religion to gain almost absolute power and abusing it to the detriment of Malaysians, including Malays.

With the present Harapan government with a Bersatu prime minister at the helm, Malay rights are more than safe - although arguably less.

There is nothing wrong with dialogue on Malay dignity. Just don't blame non-Malays for the lack of it.

Anonymous_8a8199e7: Dignity is something one earns through the right attitude, honesty and hard work. Not by shouting and demanding people to give it to you.

Crooks who steal the country's money and liars who use religion to sow hatred do not have any dignity.

A Malaysian 1960: You join forces with the greatest kleptocracy in the world and now demand that others give you dignity?

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