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Yoursay: After Perak MB’s remarks, worse is coming Harapan’s way

YOURSAY | ‘The rakyat may have rejected Umno, but Faizal has not.’

Did I say anything wrong? - Perak MB on calls to apologise

Kim Quek: Through his talk, Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu was in reality saying that he was the Malay hero fighting against DAP to protect Malay rights and Islam, thus confirming PAS-Umno’s evil and false propaganda that DAP is the enemy of Malays and Islam.

Let me quote Faizal verbatim to prove my point:

"In Perak, I am fighting a desperate battle alone against 'puak-puak' (factions) DAP… I want to defend the land of the Malays, I want to champion our religion."

For a political nobody like Faizal, we can brush him aside; but for Bersatu and Pakatan Harapan chairperson cum Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to take the same position as Faizal in arrogantly rejecting any suggestion of wrongdoing in making such false accusations against DAP, it is a totally different matter.

It either means Mahathir is sharing the view that DAP is indeed the enemy of Malays and Islam or it means Mahathir is hopelessly incapable of differentiating between right and wrong. In either case, Mahathir must be asked to step down as PM and as Harapan chairperson.

Ipohcrite: If Faizal didn't even realise or understand what he was saying is wrong, then he is simply not fit to be the Perak MB.

One does not merely become MB for a single race or religion, but for all races and religions.

And talking about defending the land of the Malays and championing Islam, there are already more than sufficient safeguards in the Constitution for that, unless Faizal doesn't even understand, or failed to read, the Constitution.

To my mind, Faizal is still very much Umno in character, and perhaps hoping to revive the glory days of Umno and rejoin it. The rakyat may have rejected Umno, but Faizal has not.

Tidak Harapan: Indeed, if Faizal doesn't know what he said was offensive to his partners and others, then surely, he does not have the brain to be an MB.

Even if he did face an angry misinformed group, he should have the ability to say things in a way that does not blame others.

It’s better for DAP and PKR to get rid of him and face the wrath of that bigoted PM.

Zakar_Naik: For someone who won his seat by a whisker, and who only has another elected representative from his own party in the state legislature, Faizal has certainly reaped the proverbial ‘durian runtuh’. Right time, right place.

The proper thing to do would be to be a good MB for Perak. But as Faizal says, the Umno blood runs strong in him...

BTN: Yes, it’s an utterly stupid and ignorant remark. You might as well go back to Umno and continue to champion the old Malaysia full of racism and hatred.

Harapan preaches new Malaysia and having one of their own people talking like this is just like a kick in the groin by your own buddy.

David Dass: It is disgraceful. This is the gravest challenge for the DAP.

Mahathir cannot be too casual about the treacherous behaviour of this man. It will cost Harapan the next election.

Even if we were to assume that the demands of the DAP representatives have been unreasonable, the matter should have been resolved internally.

Anonymous_Gem49: Mahathir, you are extreme in your views too. In essence, your Bersatu MB lied to the fisherfolk just to get their votes.

It appears that Bersatu distances itself from the DAP when it is politically expedient to so. Can Bersatu be trusted at all?

Black Thorn: Can DAP still work with this idiotic excuse after this statement from the racist party, Bersatu?

No matter what, racists will protect and defend all the wrongdoings of their own kind. That is Malaysia for you.

We have been bullied silently not so much in physical ways but psychologically. The racists use their race and religion to battered the minorities in so many ways that it aims to beat us to a pulp so that we have no voice, no identity and completely helpless.

Mahathir is no longer the hero I thought he was.

Pelanduk: Standard excuse - I was quoted out of context. Fools will believe that.

If DAP can still keep its stupid silence, it shows it has no principles. Don't sell your principles just for a residual power in the government, despite having the second biggest number in the ruling coalition.

Your voice in the government does not commensurate with your number of seats.

Existential Turd: There is nothing wrong in saying what you think. This is more than I can say for a certain doctor.

What's wrong is not that you said it. What's wrong is your mindset. What's wrong is the undignified manner of stabbing your coalition partner front, back and centre.

Frank: There are just so many of them in Harapan - lacking gratitude to the rakyat who put them in the position of power.

(And this would just be like those who were in power 60 years earlier and who were always reminding the rakyat to be grateful for the little and big mercies that they had showered on them.)

The day shall come when they will really understand that there is no point in fighting against the rakyat.

Tanjung Piai is just the beginning. Worse is coming your way.

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