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Yoursay: 1MDB heroine Nor Salwani deserves a medal

YOURSAY | 'May your name be forever etched in M'sian history as a woman of courage...'

Salwani - The person who saved the original 1MDB audit report

Day 4: Inaccessibility to information prolongs audit on 1MDB

Anonymous 2439891477538802: National Audit Department officer Nor Salwani Muhammad is a national heroine.

If she did not do what she did, the nation would never have found out the extent to which former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and his top civil servants went to conceal the truth and to mislead the investigators in respect to the funds borrowed by 1MDB, which is now part of the nation's debt.

How can Bossku deny that he was involved in wrongdoing in 1MDB? It is also clear that Najib went all out to protect Jho Low from being exposed because he was a beneficiary of the hanky-panky orchestrated by the fugitive.

MS: Yes, Nor Salwani is to be commended.

Had it not been for her, the alleged criminals would have denied everything and it would have ended in a “she said, he said” situation.

Anonymous_1527654283: It is because Nor Salwani kept the original 1MDB audit report (instead of destroying it as ordered by her boss) that the chances of indicting the accused is now 100 percent.

She had foresight and intelligence. She needs to be praised to the highest degree for her valour and judgment.

Bravo, and I hope the government recognises her honesty.

Boeyks: Nor Salwani is a government servant who wanted to save the country from ruin, knew what was wrong, and went to the extent of disobeying instructions from her superior.

Isn’t this what is expected from all employees? The people are indebted to her for her action.

At that time, the instructions from the top to the subordinates were to do as they were told, even if it was wrong and criminal. That was then used to define loyalty and reward.

The civil service had been mismanaged and corrupted by its leaders.

Anonymous_1cfb3ab6: She took great risks under difficult circumstances. If caught, she would have gone to jail under the Official Secrets Act 1972.

Well done, lady. We salute you for your dignity and integrity.

Brahman: May your name - Nor Salwani Muhammad - be forever etched in Malaysian history as a truly courageous woman with foresight.

Anonymous_1544340881: So rare. Nor Salwani is a real gem in a dismal civil service.

She is a person of integrity, a person with a conscience; refusing to follow an order that was clearly illegal and made in bad faith out of loyalty to her oath to serve the country.

I hope that the nation will find some way to honour her.

Anonymous 847701502436786: This lady is a patriot. She knows what the word amanah (trust) means. Somebody should give her a medal.

Ipoh PP: She should be awarded 'Citizen of the Year' and a title, together with monetary benefits for life.

She stood up and was prepared to take the blows for the country. She is a model citizen.

Odysseus: A true dignified civil servant. She should be given the highest award for civil servants.

She took the risk in defying her boss’ order. Now, she can stand tall as her action will save the country.

She will be the true role model for other civil servants to walk the right path.

Anonymous 2402631456749875: There are certainly some good honourable people in the civil service. We salute them.

It's the BN government that was totally rotten to the core, and the current Pakatan Harapan that is rotten at the very top is also a legacy of BN and Umno.

Anonymous 2465861491622056: Former government chief secretary Ali Hamsa was appointed by the king to ensure the Constitution was always followed. By following Najib’s instructions, he had committed treason.

When is he going to be charged? Only when such action is taken will future chief secretaries be more responsible. Further, MACC should investigate whether Ali's wealth reflects his income level.

Conscience: To all PAS and Umno politicians, this woman brings credit to her religion. Learn Islamic values from her.

Gen2: Indeed, this is where true Malay dignity lies, not with all those on the stage at the Malay Dignity Congress.

I am Sabahan: Nor Salwani, you have my highest respect. I salute you for what you have done for our country.

For those people who attended the shameful dignity meet and asked to be given the respect, here is the shining example of how dignity is earned.

JD Lovrenciear: If top government officials can commit crimes, what more is there to say of the entire civil service that has been initiated into a culture of rent-seeking, patronage politics and 'what's in there for me', plus that infamous credo 'tutup satu mata' (close one eye).

Thank God that one servant remained anchored in wisdom and true patriotism.

Sarawak4Malaysian: In a sea of corruption and an atmosphere of fear, Nor Salwani is a beacon of hope.

She is perhaps an exception, rather than the rule. How bleak and sad if this is the case.

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