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Yoursay: Azmin, does Mahathir want 'reformasi'?

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YOURSAY | 'Reformasi is the slogan mouthed off to deflect from the weak commitment towards real reform.'

I don't want Anwar influenced by people who don't understand reformasi - Azmin

Veritas: PKR deputy president Azmin Ali should clearly define “reformasi” and what he intends to achieve.

He needs to spell out what has he done in government to boldly advance the reform agenda because the general feeling is that he has linked up with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to actually reverse reform.

Many of the other PKR leaders in government give the impression of either sitting on the fence or willing to line up behind Mahathir for their own power ambitions and the comforts of office. Reformasi is the slogan mouthed off to deflect from their weak commitment towards real reform.

People should be very wary of the word ‘reform’ whenever they encounter it, here in Malaysia or elsewhere, because very often the aim is precisely the opposite.

These comfortable bulls**t artists with their nice perks will tell you that they are doing their best and the rakyat do not understand the constraints of office, along with myriad other excuses for selling out the people.

The politicos should be honest and say that power provides a nice high, worth holding on to at any cost. Indeed, there is a certain dignity about truth-telling.

Bravemalaysia: Azmin et al must understand that in as much as they were pivotal during the early years of reformation and Keadilan (as it was called then), that does not give them the divine and eternal rights to dictate the reform agenda in PKR now.

Reform changes with time, or reform itself becomes a problem. The party has evolved and the reforms today wanted by young people might be different from those 20 years ago. The future belongs to the young and the reforms must be in tandem with what they perceive as useful.

The country was founded by Tunku Abdul Rahman but eventually, even he had to give way to others with a different vision. For better or for worse, the party is grateful for the contribution of Azmin et al, but they cannot hold on to the past and make the party their personal property.

Lately, Azmin and his supporters have not behaved well and this gave rise to all sorts of suspicion. Not attending the party’s highest committee meeting is but one example where this group created so much suspicion and distrust.

They now have to take the step for reconciliation rather than name-calling, especially from the likes of infantile party vice-president, Zuraida Kamaruddin.

Mazilamani: Betrayal and split start at dinners or lunches like this. Among all the people, Azmin must settle his concerns and misgivings at the party’s central committee meeting.

Once you bring these matters out into the open, you will expose the party and your personal dissatisfaction for public scrutiny. This is bound to open up a can of worms for public knowledge and reactions to the counter-attacks by the two factions.

What happened 20 years ago with the reformation movement, which resulted in a large exodus of Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters from Umno, is repeating itself. Umno has never recovered from that episode. More importantly, Umno lost good and capable leaders.

PKR will start weakening and someone else will profit. This is actually a well-hidden plan by someone, moving the chess pieces from behind the thick screen. The first to see all these happening is former PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar, wise beyond her age.

Proarte: "I don't want Anwar to be influenced by people who do not understand reformasi," said Azmin. This is an insult to Anwar, whose name is synonymous with reformasi.

What makes Azmin think that Anwar is like him and can be influenced by people who do not understand reformasi? After all, Azmin is widely thought to be influenced by Mahathir and dances to his tune.

Azmin, does Mahathir understand “reformasi”?

Quigonbond: The problem is Azmin's doing since before GE14. He betrayed Anwar by making himself Selangor MB.

The idea was for Anwar to secure that position so that he can showcase his leadership qualities ahead of GE14. Azmin took advantage of Anwar going to jail and ensuring that then party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was not able to take the post.

Azmin also continued to court PAS even though at that point PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang was already very clear that he does not want Anwar to become PM. Why? He (Azmin) was afraid he could lose his MB position in Selangor.

Pakatan Harapan almost never came to be but for Wan Azizah’s insistence. In other words, Azmin almost derailed the chance of Harapan forming. On all these counts alone, he is already a traitor, never mind what he did to get all the cabinet positions for his cronies and how he is bringing his party to disrepute now.

We must all remember why Mahathir and Hadi both do not want Anwar to be PM. Since reformasi started, Anwar very consistently spoke about needs-based policy. It will upend 60 years of race-based policy where there is corruption, greed and a gravy train to already rich and connected Umnoputras, and PAS happily plays the counterweight calling them ‘kafir’ (non-believers).

So Azmin, GE14 was won because we believe in the ideals of needs-based policies, smart and enlightened leadership, which are required to move the nation forward.

It has been one-and-a-half years since GE14 and where are we on reforms? A total standstill! There is no more time to lose. Not even another one year for Mahathir to attend the 2020 Summit of Apec (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation).

Then what? Six more months for you to challenge Anwar in the PKR elections? You will still be beaten because the grassroots do not support you.

There is only a backdoor and illicit way for you to become PM. But once you do that, you only have three years left as people will just flock back to BN because that's the devil they know and no one is going to forgive you for destroying that only chance we have at reforming the nation.

So, if you understand what is at stake, what reformasi we are really talking about, you would have already stopped your current machinations against Anwar. My guess is you have lost your plot. Greed and power have got into your head. Your day of political reckoning is coming real soon.

Malaysian-United: Azmin, what exactly is this "reformasi struggle"? The term has been used repeatedly but the meaning remains vague, and at worst, unknown. What are you claiming you are trying to reform?

Also, you claim to be trying to "defend" your president? How so? By creating factions and not attending party meetings? I don't get it.

New Hope As A Malaysian: Azmin, don't hide behind reformasi, but ask yourself what you have done since you have benefitted from the struggle, starting from your time as Selangor MB and now, as the economic affairs minister.

Did you use your position to strengthen your political base? You are now fully behind Mahathir and are you claiming that he has transformed from reformasi’s No 1 enemy to the guardian of reformasi (many of us still appreciate him joining forces with Anwar)?

We will not blindly believe in PKR leaders Anwar, Nurul Izzah, Razifi Ramli but they are the ones who don’t have any government positions despite their sacrifice over the years.

Frankly, I am not even a PKR party member but following what you have done in the past one-and-a-half years, we pretty much wipe you out from the list of credible leaders who can steer us towards a New Malaysia.

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