Farhash: I've instructed my lawyer to take action against Yusoff's 'slander'

Modified 13 Dec 2019, 10:18 am

Political aide Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak has instructed his lawyer to take action against research assistant Yusoff Rawther for the later's allegations made at a press conference on Dec 4.

"I was previously advised not to comment in order not to interfere with the investigation of Yusoff Rawther's allegations," said Farhash (photo), who is the political secretary to PKR President Anwar Ibrahim, in a statement today.

"But after reviewing the transcript of a recent press conference by Yusoff, what he says is subjudice and slander," claimed Farhash.

Yusoff hit the headlines when he made a purported statutory declaration which he read out at a press conference that was published on the Facebook page "Solidarity for Muhammad Yusoff Rawther" on Dec 4.

Yusoff claimed that he was the victim of indecent exposure, molest and a lewd proposal during the incident allegedly committed by Anwar on Oct 2 last year at the latter's residence in Segambut.

He also complained that his previous police report accusing Farhash of assault on May 16 this year at Anwar's office in Petaling Jaya, has been ignored.

"I have instructed my lawyer to take appropriate action based on what he (Yusoff) said during the press conference posted on Facebook," said Farhash.

Farhash added that he also wanted to respect the legal process as there is a civil case (filed in Shah Alam by Yusoff) against himself and Anwar's press secretary Tunku Nashrul in progress.

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