Police to quiz politicians over Yusoff's sexual misconduct claim against Anwar

Hariz Mohd

Modified 16 Dec 2019, 1:31 pm

Police will be calling several people, including politicians, before wrapping up its probe into the alleged sexual misconduct against PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, said CID director Huzir Mohamed.

"So far, police have recorded statements from eight witnesses to facilitate investigation into this case.

"After this, there are several other witnesses that we need to call to record their statements," he told a press conference in Shah Alam today.

"Yes, they include politicians," he said when asked if any politicians were going to be called up.

The senior police officer, however, declined to furnish other details, including identities of those whom police are seeking information from.

Huzir was referring to the case where Anwar's former staff member Muhammed Yusoff Rawther accused the politician of sexual misconduct at the latter's residence in Segambut on Oct 2 last year.

Yusoff had made a statutory declaration detailing his allegation, before he lodged a police report on Dec 7 urging the authority to probe the details.

Meanwhile, Huzir told reporters police will also call up 19 MACC officers to facilitate its probe into the death of Teoh Beng Hock in 2009.

So far, he added, police have recorded statements from 10 people.

"We have identified 19 MACC officers, and will be calling them to record their statements.

"Police are also requesting certain documents concerning procedures of (MACC) investigation to facilitate our probe."

Teoh, who was the political aide to the then Selangor assemblyperson Ean Yong Hian Wah, fell to his death while under MACC detention in Shah Alam on July 16, 2009.

Police last month announced they have reopened the case for investigation.

On investigations into the organising of an event to commemorate the Hat Yai Peace Accord and the returning of former Communist Party of Malaya leader Chin Peng's ashes, Huzir said police were interviewing a historian to get more context into the matter.

Investigators were also getting reports from other agencies, including the Customs Department and the Registrar of Societies.

So far, a total of 24 witnesses have been called in for cases related to Chin Peng's ashes and the commemoration of the peace accord. 

Meanwhile, on the case where the Negaraku was sung in Mandarin and Arabic at two different schools in Negri Sembilan and Kedah, Huzir said police were analysing the Dokumen Standard Kurikulum dan Pentaksiran, which details the History syllabus for Year 5 students.

"We are almost done in investigating these two cases and will analyse the document. We will submit the investigation papers directly to the attorney-general after that," Huzir said.

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