Yoursay: Police’s court order – a death blow to 'new M’sia'


Modified 28 Dec 2019, 10:54 am

YOURSAY | The authorities should back the threatened, not those making threats.

It's off! Cops obtain court order to stop Dong Zong meet

Newday: This is so sad. It can now be said that democracy is almost officially dead.

There is a concerted push by the "Tanah Melayu" mob to malign anything that is Chinese Malaysian. It does not matter to them if people wish to discuss current issues as opposed to issuing threats of violence. It only matters to them that it is being discussed by Chinese Malaysians.

My two cents worth on the subject at hand is not to put curriculum options in the hands of (most of the time) self-serving parent-teacher associations. These decisions should be made by the people who know what they are talking about.

Meanwhile, the Tanah Melayu mob keep on getting traction through things like shutting down this forum. That is a big win for them. The threats by them have increased the precarious position of non-Malays in this country.

This mob will not stop and they will become emboldened to be more aggressive in their illogical and irrational attacks on everything different. Do you really want this, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim? Surely not.

This country will now be consigned to a future of fear. There have been enough incendiary and vitriolic comments by the Tanah Melayu mobs over the last few weeks that deserve the strictest rebuttal by the government.

But no, instead Mahathir warned the organisers of the Chinese Organisation Congress not to proceed rather than recognising that the people he kowtowed to are the ones that need shutting down.

Do you think these mobs will raise us to Islamic greatness, Mahathir? Think again. Thanks for encouraging the state of fear amongst non-Malays.

Vijay 47: Well done, police, that you have obtained a court order to stop the Dong Zong meeting (to discuss the issue of teaching Jawi in vernacular schools).

The next time somebody wants to hold a meeting, say a group like the DAP or some non-Muslim organisation, just check to see whether racial fanatics have threatened to do the "Malay thing" that Mahathir spoke about. If so, stop the function at once.

This would be most necessary since you, the police, have just admitted that you cannot do anything if there are warnings of riots. After all, legal is illegal and illegal is legal.

JW: Just like that, the magistrate made the decision and gave in to threats of violence from Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam Se-Malaysia (Gamis).

By allowing threats of violence to rule the day, the message of this court decision is clearly saying to extreme Muslim/Malays that they can always use threats of violence to have things their way.

Instead of police taking action against Gamis, they are being rewarded.

Now, who is being insensitive and intolerant in our diverse society? Who does not want unity for the country because they only want their way?

Masalah Tosai: So, there’s a court order against a legitimate private meeting. Why isn’t there a court order against those protestors threatening public disorder and violence?

Solo: What is good for the goose is good for the gander. But alas, not in 'Malaysia Baru'.

Where were Kajang police chief Ahmad Dzaffir and Kajang magistrate Syahrul Sazly Mohd Sain at the previous Malay Dignity Congress? Shah Alam is near Kajang.

QG 007: 'New Malaysia'? Really? Peaceful meetings are a basic right and the absence of basic rights, including the freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, in New Malaysia is just mind-boggling. How have we stooped this low?

The Pakatan Harapan government should be promulgating laws to guarantee these rights and not threaten harsh measures or use undemocratic means to block such an indoor meeting.

This restriction or ban on assembly automatically affects the right of individuals or groups to express their opinion on a given matter. The restriction order’s weak justifications that this meeting will result in a breach of peace simply does not hold water.

Anonymous_3f4b: A last-minute court order served on Dong Zong gives them no time to rebut and challenge it. The Harapan government is such a sore loser.

They can allow the anti-International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd) rally and the racist Malay Dignity Conference but cannot allow an intellectual discussion by a Chinese educationist group. This is such a disgrace for the Harapan government to resort to using a dirty tactic and strategy to deny the minorities the right to assemble.

Out with the racist Mahathir and his useless sidekicks - the castrated DAP, ineffectual PKR and tamed Amanah.

Bluemountains: DAP, the so-called champion of Chinese education, is nowhere to be seen nor heard. Someone has already signed DAP's death certificate, and we are only waiting for the burial in the next general election.

Mat MD: It is a relief that the court has ordered Dong Zong not to hold the meeting tomorrow. As the tense communal tension has died down, it is now time for cooler heads to hold dialogues to clear all the fear - real or imagined - that still linger in their heads regarding the Jawi script.

The introduction of Jawi script into the school curriculum had been decided and approved by the cabinet, the elected government chosen by the people, and by right, should be accepted by all.

As some sectors are not happy for not being consulted and wish that their opinions should be given due consideration, it is wise that Harapan government should listen to their views and find a solution that could satisfy them.

This is the problem, unique to Malaysia which has no unified educational system.

Fair Play: Mat MD, you sound like a reasonable person and I presume you are a Malay Malaysian. There is no problem with our educational system. Only politicians want to create problems, whether Harapan or BN.

It should be noted that all Malaysians should read history and the basis for our country in obtaining independence from the British in 1957.

The Federal Constitution as it was first written allows for mother-tongue or vernacular education for the other communities. The cabinet should not force vernacular schools to learn Jawi since Bahasa Malaysia in the Rumi form is compulsory for such schools.

If the government is sincere, just drop this never-ending issue about the implementation of khat and Jawi in vernacular schools.

Hang Babeuf: With this action, our sad excuse for a reforming government now demonstrates and confirms that "Motnaf" (Malays on top, now and forever) and "Timlioli" (This is Malaysia - like it or leave it) are the basis of the official Harapan national policy:

"Non-Malays don't have any say about the character of the nation. The nation is about us (Malays) but not all of us (including the non-Malays), and its interests are our business and ours alone."

This is not the basis upon which to build a nation that can endure.

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