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NSC releases first FAQ on movement control order
Published:  Mar 17, 2020 7:18 AM
Updated: Mar 18, 2020 3:06 AM

CORONAVIRUS | The National Security Council (NSC) has released its first FAQ concerning the movement control order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

It was last updated at 7.30pm Tuesday.

The six basic restrictions imposed between March 18 and 31 are as follows:

  • All mass gatherings are banned.
  • Malaysians are not allowed to travel abroad.
  • There's a restriction on foreigners that can visit Malaysia.
  • All daycare centres, schools and learning institutions are to close.
  • All higher education institutions and skills training centres are to close.
  • All government and private services are to be shut down, except those providing essential services.

Question: Are celebrations, wedding receptions, 'kenduri' and so on allowed?

All receptions are not allowed.

Question: Is there a fixed time period for when the order is enforced?

No. The order is enforced all day during the period.

Question: If my essential supplies run out, can I go out to buy things and then go back?


Question: I am a Malaysian citizen and my husband is a UK citizen. Are we allowed to return to Malaysia during this restriction period?

Yes, on the condition that your partner can prove the legitimacy of the marriage, whether it is registered with the Malaysian government or the origin country's government. The partner must go through health screening and self-quarantine to reduce the possibility of infection and spreading the virus to others.

Question: My child is a student at an overseas institution. Is the student allowed to return to Malaysia?

Yes. Any Malaysian citizens abroad are allowed to return during this restriction period. However, that individual must go through health screening and voluntary self-quarantine to reduce the possibility of infection and spreading the infection to others.

Question: I am a long term visa holder in Malaysia and I have returned to my home country before this order was issued. Am I allowed to return to Malaysia for work in this restricted period?

Only migrants working in essential services sectors are allowed to return to Malaysia during the restriction period. The migrant must obtain a confirmation letter from their employers to be produced to the Immigration Department at the point of entry.

Question: I work in Singapore. Am I allowed to commute to my office in Singapore?

No. The order applies to all individuals in this country. All individuals who work in neighbouring countries but live in Malaysia are not allowed to travel during the period and should inform their employers.

Question: I have made plans to go on a domestic holiday and have made the necessary payments. Can I continue with my holiday?

Under the order, the public is prohibited from going anywhere including holiday centres for social activities and if the visit is not related to important national services. You are advised not to proceed with your holiday.

Question: Can I drive to the airport to fetch someone who has returned from abroad, and that person is working in a sector which provides essential services?

Going to a place for a short while is allowed under the order.

Question: Do schools have to replace suspended classes?


Question: Do all public and private institutes of higher learning and training centres come under the order?


Question: What about students staying in hostels provided by their institutions, especially foreign students?

Students have a choice to return to their place/country of origin or to remain in campus. All students are responsible for taking steps to protect from and prevent the spread of the virus. 

Students are subject to the order which is in force at all times in the country or in their campuses. 

Question: Can fast food outlets, restaurants or hawker centres continue to operate?

Yes. However, they are only allowed to facilitate take-out orders or food delivery orders.

Question: Will public transport networks still operate?


Question: I've paid for my hotel stay before the order was imposed. Can I ask for a refund?

The public is encouraged to discuss the matter with the hotel.

Question: Are solat jenazah and tahlil prayers allowed?

Yes, for solat jenazah only. This must be conducted by close family members and mosque or surau congregation.

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