Don't be stingy, economist tells gov't in facing Covid-19 crisis
Published:  Mar 22, 2020 11:21 PM
Updated: 3:23 PM

CORONAVIRUS | The government should not be stingy in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, said economist Muhammed Abdul Khalid.

Muhammed, who was a former Khazanah Research director, said the two economic stimulus packages announced thus far is not sufficient.

"More needs to be done if we value the lives of all Malaysians," he said in a statement tonight.

"What's important is that any form of aid to the health and medical sectors must be made without limits. The policy is simple: 'whatever it takes'.

"The country's priority now is to ensure that Malaysians stay alive. This is not the time to think about the fiscal deficit, national debt, economic growth rate, credit rating agencies' perceptions, or politicking," he added...

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