Socso reviews records of Covid-19 victims to check eligibility for benefits



CORONAVIRUS | The Ministry of Human Resources, through its agency, Social Security Organisation (Socso) is reviewing the records of all Covid-19 victims to check their eligibility for Socso benefits.

Its minister, M Saravanan (above), said this is to ensure fast delivery of benefits to those who are eligible so that the welfare of their families and dependants is taken care of.

“So far, we have identified the third deceased patient of Covid-19, a former employee of Sabah Port who met the eligibility requirements of the Socso Invalidity Scheme. The 58-year-old’s body was buried in Tawau, Sabah at about 10pm on March 20.

“The seventh victim to die of Covid-19, who was a 57-year-old man who passed away at Kuala Lumpur Hospital on March 21, was also found to be eligible for Socso benefits under the same scheme,” he said in a statement today.

However, he said the ministry was informed that members of the deceased families were either under quarantine or not yet ready to share detailed information.

Saravanan said family members of both victims are eligible for the funeral benefit and the monthly survivors’ pension.

“These benefits will be handed to them after the quarantine period is over and when they are ready,” he said.

- Bernama 

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