It's not about me - Noor Hisham says to 'hero' poser



CORONAVIRUS | "It is not about me but what we (citizens) can do as one to fight Covid-19," that was the stand of Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

He was responding to a question from a reporter on how he felt upon being hailed a "national hero" by Malaysians on social media for his commitment to fighting the Covid-19 outbreak.

For Hisham (above), the title was not important but his priority was to ensure that the Health Ministry (MOH) provided the best service to the people and nation.

"To me, that is not important (the title of ‘national hero’) but what is important is our service (MOH),” he said at the ministry's daily press conference on Covid-19 in Putrajaya today.

Meanwhile, Hisham also urged the public to follow the advice and methods outlined by the MOH to prevent being infected by Covid-19.

"Follow the guidelines drawn up by the ministry. Do not follow what has been viralled on social media, fake news and so on, refer to the MOH website,” he said this when asked to comment on videos which had gone viral, giving tips on how to avoid Covid-19 infection.

- Bernama

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