MCO: Travel limited to 10km from home
Published:  Apr 1, 2020 7:08 PM
Updated: 11:09 AM

CORONAVIRUS | Individuals leaving their homes to buy groceries, food, or medical treatment are restricted to travel within a 10km radius from their home, according to a federal gazette published yesterday.

This applies nationwide as the gazette is tied to another order which declared all states as infected areas.

"To purchase food, daily necessities, medicine, or dietary supplement, his movement shall only be, to a place within a radius of not more than ten kilometres from his residence, or to a place nearest to his residence," reads the gazette.

The same wording is used in regards to seeking healthcare and medical treatment.

In both circumstances, a person must travel alone unless it is necessary for someone else to accompany them.

The gazette is an update to a previous one to define regulations for the movement control order.

It is in effect from April 1 to 14.

Violating the regulations is punishable with up to six months in jail, or a fine up to RM1,000, or both.

Meanwhile, the gazette also formalised the ceiling retail price for three-ply surgical masks to RM75 per box or RM1.50 per piece.

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