TM unveils latest solution for Covid-19 early detection



CORONAVIRUS | Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM), through its innovation arm TM research and development (TM R&D), has unveiled its latest state-of-the-art solution called the Early Warning, Alert & Response (Ewar).

In a statement today, TM said Ewar can measure and detect individuals with abnormal body temperature in crowded areas, which is among the initial symptoms to look out for in potential cases of viral diseases such as SARS, Ebola and the current Covid-19.

It said the solution is equipped with a dual camera (thermal and optical) that is able to detect abnormal temperatures of approximately 15 individuals per second simultaneously.

"The project to develop Ewar kicked off in mid-February 2020 and it was developed on TM R&D’s open innovation platform (OIP), Malaysia’s first open software development platform, a robust digital infrastructure that provides a complete eco-system for the creation of new services on the go.

"By using Ewar, real-time monitoring and early detection can be performed with minimal human intervention so the next necessary measures such as isolation and treatment can be done promptly," TM said.

It said with the Internet of things (IoT) capabilities from the OIP, contact tracing can be successfully achieved as data and information captured from individuals with high fever can be dispersed in real-time to the relevant authorities for planning and emergency response purposes.

TM R&D chief executive officer Sharlene Thiagarajah said the company is confident that this Ewar solution would greatly help in the early detection of high or abnormal temperatures in crowds.

"As the solution is non-intrusive, it can easily be deployed in offices, shopping complexes, transportation hubs, universities, schools, tourist attractions, airports, immigration centres, hospitals, in fact almost any locations with foot traffic.

"We believe that the development of this Ewar is timely and with its easy implementation, we will be able to greatly assist in curbing infectious viruses such as Covid-19 and ultimately win the battle,” she added.

Interested organisations and individuals may contact [email protected], while more information about TM R&D and its products and services is available at - Bernama

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