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OPEN LETTER | Act on South China Sea, form entity on maritime issues - Anifah to PM

Prime Minister,

On the South China Sea issue.

I pray that Tan Sri is in good health.

I wish to draw your attention to national, regional and international media reports since last weekend on the South China Sea situation, especially related to the presence of Chinese vessels in Malaysian maritime areas.

As you are aware, the issue of the South China Sea is one of high importance to Malaysia since before. As you are also aware, this has been a major issue discussed in cabinet meetings in 2009 - 2016 when you were deputy prime minister and I was foreign minister.

All this time, Malaysia has taken a consistent and principled stance on the South China Sea over issues of rights concerning sovereignty, economy, security and others. The consistent and principled approach is not favoured by China but the Chinese respects it...

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