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COMMENT | Covid-19 - catalyst for driving transformation of schools

COMMENT | Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic in pushing the adoption of e-learning online at home is both innovative and exciting. This is particularly so especially from the perspective of digital transformation. To see the Ministry of Education jump in and push e-learning to the fore is long-awaited. While Covid-19 is not the most ideal motivation, It has spurred the opening of an opportunity towards a digital transformation of schools in a big way.

However, the adoption of e-learning has its challenges. For countries like Malaysia and other developing economies, there have already been long-existing problems within the education system that are in dire need of fixing. Then all of a sudden, with this pandemic going on, schools have had to be shut and the entire learning process was forced into homes.

While adopting e-learning technologies and schooling at home is out of necessity, we must take a few steps back to find the best ways forward to adapt and adopt these digital technologies to our benefit. We need to do this also to be better prepared for possible future pandemics and other potential emergencies.

Malaysian education has gone through a series of digitisation initiatives and is now ready to fully jump on board with digital transformation to pave the way to rethink, reimagine and reinvent schools.

To move towards this transformation, three things ... 

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