YOURSAY | Politicians are still cashing in on racial issues


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YOURSAY | 'I despise Malay politicians who create imaginary enemies to consolidate their power.'

COMMENT | Do the Malays know what they want?

Just a Malaysian: There are many Malays that I respect but they are not at the leadership level.

I salute the hot dog stall owner at night who has a day job in a factory. I salute the bunch of Malay boys who open a successful goreng pisang stall.

I salute my wife who is a gynaecologist, a smart Malay doctor whom I trust a lot. I salute the pakcik who helped me when my car broke down.

But I despise Malay politicians who create imaginary enemies to consolidate their power. I despise Malay politicians who reap off national coffers under the New Economic Policy (NEP). I despise the fake Islamists crying blood over a mug of beer or a piece of pork.

Malaysia needs good Malay leadership to lead this multiracial country out of the slump, and to harness the energy of all races for the good of this beloved country.

Anonymous...: To be frank, many Malays are earning an honest living – as nasi lemak sellers, Grab food drivers, repairmen, dispatchers, etc.

They do not have much of a personal agenda. Their only personal agenda is to get out of poverty. These are the exact group of Malays that needed help, not those already rich and well-provided ones.

Too bad the government is cashing in on racial issues so that they'll remain in power. But watch out, everyone is tired of racial issues. The table will eventually turn, if not already so.

Goliath: This is a well-written article by Malaysiakini columnist Mariam Mokhtar, and as usual, her views are always appreciated. Mariam is a writer who always dares tell the truth about the Malays.

The gap between the Malays and the non-Malays is widening; it is sad to say that we are no longer where we were used to be, back in the 70s or 80s.

If you google ‘Racial Discrimination Survey – IndexMundi’, Malaysia comes second on this survey behind South Africa. And that country is where apartheid comes from. If this doesn't send off any alarm bells, then nothing will.

There is absolutely no reason for the Malays to have an inferiority complex, or to worry about DAP. This country is ruled and governed by Malays and the national religion is embedded in every education syllabus in our schools.

I think there's enough evidence to show that this country will never be led by a Chinese or Indian, and the Malays will always be the dominant race.

DAP supporters are not racists, they simply want the Malays to stop telling them how privileged and mighty they are.

The fact that the folks in Bersatu now have a very narrow and short-term view about how the party will be a few years down the road tells you clearly about this dire mentality.

Their concern is to be the government today; who cares about a couple of years down the road? Who cares if Malaysia is heading to the wrong path and is governed by the wrong people? At least they are Malays.

Right now, the menu of the day is Muhyiddin Yassin. Up until the Sheraton Move, it was Dr Mahathir Mohamad. If Anwar Ibrahim takes over, everyone will dance at his feet.

The lack of vision of these Malays is what's really killing the country. It isn't DAP. It won't be the non-Malays. The non-Malays are both spectators and victims at the same time.

Another example to be made – Najib Abdul Razak. Over time, the Malays have forgotten how this man has ransacked the country and jeopardised every fibre of the Malaysian culture and lives. Today, he is hailed as the ‘boss’.

Najib sparks off the sentiments of the Malays, places fear against DAP and lets the Malay's inferiority complex drive his objectives. Soon, most Malays will eventually forget what Azmin Ali did too. If either one of them becomes the next PM, their spit will be cherished.

So, for those strong-headed Malay friends, please understand: short-term views are killing the country and please lose that inferiority complex fast - this country is never going to develop any further on short-term gains.

This current government is not the answer to what Malaysia needs.

Clever Voter: Recent studies show the people who support the continuation of privileges are the urban Malays who have already 'made it', many of whom have secured jobs, comfortable homes and were the beneficiaries of scholarships, jobs, contracts, etc.

Indeed, a large percentage of them speak English at home and prefer the 'Western' lifestyle.

Not surprising too, these are in the thousands, and naturally, they would not have anything less than they are enjoying. Just remember a small percentage of them own the majority of Amanah Saham Negara (ASN) shares.

That tells you the inequality within the community. The rest will just have to obey, accept whatever crumbs are left for them.

No wonder, queues for assistance will never be shortened so long as opportunities are confined to the same group of the so-called educated class.

In other words, one cannot blame the average Ahmad. They know nothing better.

Malaysian Bulldog: I wonder when the majority of Malays will realise that voting for and depending on a Malay party to improve their lot is just delusional.

Umno and PAS are all about power and greed. They may throw some crumbs out to their supporters when the time is right to ensure their support, but move on to their own needs most of the time.

All these Malay parties feed on the community’s insecurities so they can remain powerful. I hope people get clarity somehow.

Pakatan Harapan has to do its job of making this reality obvious to the Malay majority, who still believe Umno or PAS is their saviour.

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