YOURSAY | Muhyiddin wins for now, but for how long?



YOURSAY | ‘There is no future for Bersatu in PN as they have an expiry date in Umno’s eyes.’

Confirmed: Muhyiddin has the numbers, but just barely

Heron: The very narrow margin of victory is perhaps indicative of having come through the first “heats” for the prime minister position while still awaiting the finals.

Obviously, the slim victory would divert some focus from governing to other matters, including exchanging favours by various factions and individual contestants for further consolidating their respective political leadership claims.

This result, however, should encourage PKR president Anwar Ibrahim in his status now as opposition leader to take rational initiatives with due resoluteness to mobilise people’s general discontent with the present tenuous ruling allies in the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition.

VisionX: What is Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin going to do now? The razor-thin majority means he will be indebted to Umno, PAS and GPS forever.

These parties will play him like a puppet on a string and when the next general election comes, they will just abandon him and his Bersatu gang.

There is no future for Bersatu in PN as they have an expiry date in Umno’s eyes.

Rupert16: The vote has not proven anything except that the backdoor PM has to keep his supporters happy by giving them ministerial positions or lofty posts in government-linked companies (GLCs) or some government agencies.

P Ramlee: The 109 opposition MPs once again shows that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad can easily unseat the current PM if Anwar and PKR can endorse him as the PM, but I guess Anwar would rather let Muhyiddin continue instead letting Mahathir be the PM again.

The rakyat will know what to do with PKR in the next general election.

SapphireTiger8132: Absolutely right. If Anwar had left the negotiation process to Mahathir, the mandate would have been reclaimed by now.

Mahathir has clout with GPS. If Anwar had not spooked GPS by his solo begging expedition (that even PKR didn't know about), that figure of 129 MPs for Harapan-Plus would have been achieved.

This is just suicide caused by Anwar's vindictiveness. And no, he can't win GE15. Expect Harapan numbers to drop by one-third in the number of MPs and 60 more years of BN rule coming up.

Hbasil: Backdoor or front door, PN has won the first battle. Remember, Mahathir brought down Harapan by resigning.

Go and watch Mahathir's press conference after Muhyiddin's appointment as PM. Mahathir clearly said that Muhyiddin had informed him that he (Muhyiddin) would lead as PM. Mahathir replied that if he so wishes he is not objecting.

Mahathir’s first statement after quitting as PM was his intention to form a unity government. He did this instead of standing up for the electorate and telling Muhyiddin that his (Muhyiddin) plans to join Umno and PAS is wrong and a betrayal of the people.

Mahathir single-handedly destroyed Harapan and only dense individuals are unable to see the forest but only the trees.

Fair Play: Actually, Muhyiddin is in a much stronger position than the numbers show.

For one, Umno/PAS dare not threaten Muhyiddin with a no-confidence motion to trigger a snap election now because they are confident they have the numbers.

Harapan may not support a motion of no-confidence if they feel they are ready to fight GE15.

Newday: The issue has been settled for the time being. No need to call for a snap election that the country can financially ill afford at this time.

This will be perhaps the most closely watched government of all time. As for the opposition, go do your job. Question and point out any wrongdoing.

The opposition should come up with its own proposals and work to show us that they are worth voting for again.

Muhyiddin, don't let those corrupt ones backing your non-elected government get their way. You spoke of transparency, integrity and being corruption-free, let the public see clearly that you speak the truth and act accordingly, and you might just start getting some respect.

Just A Malaysian: Malaysians do look forward to a period of stability during this Covid-19 pandemic period. Let PN work hard and prove themselves to the rakyat.

Harapan, please be a constructive opposition and use this time to reflect and rebuild. Focus on young voters, focus on the future, and focus on making Malaysia great again.

Solo: This is a razor-thin margin, with emphasis on ‘razor’. Imagine if the Tanjung Piai by-election went the other way, the story would be much different.

All it takes is another by-election, and the numbers could switch.

Umno Youth chief questions if PN govt can survive after a narrow win in Parliament

BusinessFirst: Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki has a point. Can you imagine at every single bill that the government tables, it could be rejected at any time because two or three of its MPs are ill and cannot vote?

I was surprised at the narrow win. After giving most of PN ministerial positions and almost everyone else positions in government-linked companies (GLCs) or as deputy speakers, the majority is only a mere two (111 for PN).

One wonders whether Mahathir was correct when he said he had 114 when he wanted to see the Agong but over the last five months, people have been persuaded to jump ship.

Indeed, perhaps fresh elections are needed to restore credibility to the entire democratic process.

Odysseus: In order to survive, none of the PN MPs can take leave or MC (medical certificate) and ministers can only perform their duties in Parliament during parliamentary sitting. Or else, bills will be defeated.

Do you honestly think this is feasible for PN to survive as a government?

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