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COMMENT | New PN order marks the end of BN

COMMENT | Post-Sheraton coup, the immediate need for Umno, PAS and Bersatu to have more seats to distribute among themselves will alter the political landscape in massive ways. This piece predicts that the three parties will create “the pool” of 135 of the 165 peninsula seats, taking away a significant number of seats previously contested by Barisan Nasional component parties.

In the 14th General Election, of the 165 parliamentary seats in the peninsula, Umno contested 105 seats, MCA 39, Gerakan 11, MIC nine and MyPPP one.

Umno also contested 14 seats in Sabah and one seat in Labuan.

On election night in 2018, of the peninsula seats, Umno won 47 of 105 seats contested, MCA won one of 39 seats contested while MIC won two of nine seats contested...

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