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YOURSAY | Syed Saddiq’s new youth-based party a bold move

YOURSAY | ‘Malaysian youth are ready to leave racial and hero-worship politics behind.’

Taking inspiration from France's Macron, Syed Saddiq confirms youth party

BlueKijang4184: I am old but I can see so many principled and talented young people of all races out there.

There is the saying: “We don't inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Similarly, “We don’t inherit Malaysia from our ancestors, we borrow Malaysia from our children.”

For example, if I borrow a car from my child, I would not return it to my child in a worse condition. Look at how our leaders have managed the country - will they hand down a more harmonious Malaysia to the younger generation?

One very destructive attribute of our present leaders is promoting hatred among people of different races. I thought one of the moral values taught by all religions is love or ‘kasih sayang’, regardless of race.

And I wonder if people who promote racism believe in God. Mind you, the first principle in our Rukun Negara is “kepercayaan kepada Tuhan” or “belief in God”. God represents goodness. Is spewing racial hatred goodness?

Former youth and sports minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, we count on you to at least restore a damaged Malaysia.

RR: Very good move, Syed Saddiq.

Firstly, you have to enlighten the young adults that there is only one race – the human race. When we leave this world, we cannot carry our race with us.

There are only two things young adults should know - what is right and what is wrong, and what is fair and unfair. Let not the old chaps poison the minds of the young for their own selfish interests and avarice.

Multiracial political parties are the only answer to this pandemic in our economically turbulent world, more so Malaysia.

OrangeMouse1834: Syabas, Syed Saddiq. Be a youth leader for all races and you will see light from God, not the darkness that haunts us now.

If parties want to give you a stage, that is okay. But do not show preference to Pejuang. That is not a party you want to be associated with. Their leader has ruined this nation in the past and continues to do so now.

FairMalaysian: While this effort is laudable, I would view it with caution. While Syed Saddiq was in Bersatu and Pakatan Harapan, he did not offer the hope that Malaysians were generally looking for.

With the hindsight that these politicians became enchanted with ‘race and religion’ once they were in power, obviously this new youth party will be something that we should go for with some apprehension.

Syed Saddiq still has some two years to prove what stuff he and his possible teammates may be made of before the next general election.

I will have no qualms in supporting a party that is truly Malaysian and not phonies like Bersatu. After Dr Mahathir Mohamad's and Muhyiddin Yassin's obsession with race and religion and abandoning those who made it possible for their political resurrection, I am educated enough not to trust anyone too easily.

I am not going to give a blank cheque to these unworthy politicians anymore. We have to ask the tough questions. Enough of being taken for a ride by these rogues.

There is always a second chance and I hope Syed Saddiq will make use of this opportunity to take a path that would unite Malaysians. When he stands in the next election with his party and colleagues, we will be ready with his report card.

Leon: Syed Saddiq, you’re going to fail. You say you are going to form a multiracial youth-based party. Forming a party needs a whole lot of money which you don’t have. You are from a working-class family and you are no longer a minister.

Somehow, I have a strong feeling that even though you aren’t in Pejuang, it is Pejuang (Mahathir and Mukhriz) that is financing this party. There is a hidden agenda behind this. Maybe not you, Syed Saddiq, but there is no free lunch.

You are but a pawn for something grander. Those idealists who will follow his path, don’t be fooled! This new party is Mahathir's proxy.

XoXo: @Leon, if former PKR leader Rafizi Ramli joins, then it is very likely that this new party will be free of the racist sly old fox and his son's hidden agenda. That will make Syed Saddiq's party more credible.

Otherwise, I agree that this young man is nothing more than a mere pawn of the old statesman.

Not bitten Twice: @XoXo, I am willing to give this young man a chance and the benefit of the doubt because:

1. He advocates a multiracial party, which is against Mahathir’s ideology. So I don't think this is a link to Pejuang. It would help if Syed Saddiq’s new party could state its loyalty to Harapan.

2. He will be joined by like-minded youth who tend to be more idealistic and untainted. Call them "rebels with a cause" if you like. They would not be easily influenced by ‘past expiry date’ politicians.

3. For sponsorship, maybe they should consider crowdfunding which had previously empowered Invoke. Although, of course, Invoke is not a political party.

4. This party can have mentors to spearhead it. They could be MPs with no baggage and are icons to the youth (not that infamous "I Con"). The mentor can even be Rafizi or someone of that stature.

BlueKucing0750: Syed Saddiq, you bring a glimmer of hope to all right-thinking Malaysians. Your multiracial youth-based party brings a ray of sunshine away from those grizzled, dirty, money-grabbing, pompous, arrogant, and self-serving old politicians of Malaysian politics.

You'll be doing well if you do the following:

1) Serve the people honestly and sincerely

2) Get things done above board

3) Avoid peddling the race and religion narrative

4) Stop fighting imaginary enemies, please don’t use non-Malays as bogeymen

5) Be confident that your rights are all enshrined in the Constitution

4) Follow the rule of law

5) Focus on meritocracy

6) Stop and prevent hypocrisy and the practice of double standards

7) Think Malaysian all the time

Your light will burn bright if you are able to do all these. But then, is this asking too much under the current political scenario? Am I daydreaming? Am I thinking wishfully? I hope not.

Anonymous_15897060865429524: Kudos. This is a bold step forward. Malaysian youth are ready to leave our racial and hero-worship politics behind. I hope this is the beginning of a new political narrative.

ManOnTheStreet: I am a 60-plus old dinosaur but see no political future in my generation. They are letting the country down badly. We have to leave the country in better hands. Syed Saddiq, you will have my vote.

Newday: Go for it, Syed Saddiq. Yes, this boomer has forever lost faith in my fellow boomers to lead this country anywhere but down a big hole. My sincere apologies to the youth for our destructive antics.

Put your best foot forward to fight for a brighter future, free of the destructive politics and fear of now. You have at least one boomer vote in the bag.

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