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Fake WhatsApp message using Malaysiakini article doing the rounds
Published:  Aug 27, 2020 3:23 PM
Updated: 8:44 AM

Malaysiakini would like to warn its readers that one of the news portal's articles regarding the Covid-19 outbreak is being used to spread a fake message via WhatsApp.

The original news article entitled “KL restaurant customer part of new cluster, nine cases reported today” was published six days ago.

The WhatsApp message uses this genuine link and attaches fake news with a xenophobic message and fake science.

Malaysiakini has added an Editor’s Note to the original article and would like to confirm that the message is not written by us.

We condemn, in no uncertain terms, the actions of those who maliciously spread fake news which can have an adverse effect on the livelihood and health of others.

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