YOURSAY | The Anwar Move – not a done deal yet


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YOURSAY | ‘That is, until and unless the Agong gives him the approval to form a new govt...’

Anwar claims to possess solid majority, declares Muhyiddin's reign over

Malaysia Bharu: If PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has the majority, no one would be happier than Pakatan Harapan supporters provided it is not another backdoor government of traitors and frogs.

But doesn't this claim by Anwar ring a familiar tone? Ala GE12 in 2008? The palace exercise early this year where the Agong decided Muhyiddin Yassin had the majority?

This brings to mind the story of the boy who cried wolf once too often. When the wolf really came, no one went to save him as none believed him.

Honestly, what is the purpose of this premature announcement? Is Prime Minister Muhyiddin expected to straightaway fly back from Sabah to vacate his office for Anwar to move in?

There are just too many hurdles even if Anwar has the majority. Not to mention, keeping the frogs from straying.

Even to get an appointment from the Agong is a long shot. Remember what happened earlier this year when the palace kept former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad at bay when the latter sought an audience claiming to have the majority?

Drawing a parallel from what happened in Sabah last month, if the Agong acts on the advice of the PM, all Muhyiddin has to do to strike down Anwar is to advise the Agong to dissolve Parliament.

Like former Sabah chief minister Musa Aman, Anwar too will be left in the lurch with the detested band of frogs. Everything will come to nought.

Mohd Bakri 3: Why would you announce (that you have the majority in Parliament and will form a new government) at a press conference if you can’t reveal the details?

And you said to wait for your audience with the King? If so, why not see him first then hold a press conference?

Anon: @Mohd Bakri 3, I’m also wondering about that. Anwar had 109 MPs on his side before. He needed just four more to get a simple majority.

He now says he got a solid majority. That means maybe at least nine or 10 switching to Harapan. If he is not counting Dr Mahathir Mohamad's group, there must be a lot jumping from Muhyiddin's side. Enough to devastate him.

Why did he choose to make this announcement before an audience with the king? What if the frogs who jumped are induced to jump back with the right carrots? What if his own loyal people are tempted to jump because of the rewards?

What if the Agong decides to interview each of Anwar's supporters and then declares that some supporters have changed their minds?

There are too many imponderables here. Let us wait and see.

Business First: I think Anwar had no choice. He tried to see the Agong yesterday (Tuesday) at 11am. But the appointment was cancelled because His Majesty was suddenly too sick to see Anwar.

Under such circumstances, it might be better to tell the world about this. After all, you have to wait and during this time it is unavoidable that people who do not want Anwar to be PM could try some dirty tricks, so it’s better to have it out in the open.

It might not work, but it’s better than keeping quiet since the other party already knows that you have the majority.

KAS: Well, this is good news but Anwar should have had an audience with the king first, and announced the matter after.

In Malaysia, we have too many MPs who are frogs and willing to jump for money and power.

Anwar has to be extra vigilant now. We want a clean and healthy government of the day. We want a PM for all citizens regardless of race and religion and abide to the rule of law.

Hrrmph: Anwar will have a solid majority until some MPs turn froggy and jump, again. If we hated what Muhyiddin did eight months ago, we should not view this latest development with any complacency.

Things have become too fluid and too uncertain. The words of politicians are worth less than chicken manure.

Perhaps Anwar should announce that he has a solid majority to pass a bill in Parliament to effectively stop MPs from turning into frogs. From there to either call for a vote of no-confidence on the PM and then dissolve Parliament and/or call for an election.

Perhaps then, some measure of confidence can be restored to the tattered house of politicians.

Another Komentar: It looks like this is checkmate by Anwar to prevent Muhyiddin from dissolving Parliament once his Bersatu/PN is defeated at the Sabah election this weekend.

This is a chess game reminiscent of Anwar's personality - shoot first and talk later. Elected MPs are generally found wanting in scruples and are more often unprincipled.

It is more than likely that Anwar is again misled by those troublesome Umno MPs who would prefer to have fresh elections as they believe that's their pathway to wrestle power.

Melkor70: Biar betul?! (Is this for real?) The country cannot afford to go for a snap federal election. The economy is already in tethers and can tank if so.

Anwar, you better be super confident to not cause a hung government. The current crop of corrupt individuals will do anything to stir up things. You got to make sure the security apparatus is on the same side as you are.

I am with you on this, but please ensure you don't get played out by whoever you cut a deal with.

Flabber Pro: Till the facts are shown, the MPs are known, all this remains just talk only. The procedure is also wrong. The timing of his wisdom is mysterious. The Agong is in the National Heart Institute.

I hope Anwar is not living in his own bubble where he is the PM, but I sincerely hope we Malaysians will not be taken for a ride.

Once bitten at Stadium Kelana Jaya, twice shy. Twice bitten, Anwar, I can die. I sincerely hope you are not crying wolf.

IndigoToucan1627: Until and unless the Agong gives the approval for Anwar to form a new government it is not a done deal.

I can still recall very clearly the fiasco after one of the previous general election when Anwar announced that he would be able to form a government and all these MPs took a trip to Taiwan and nothing came out of it. Fingers crossed.

Blind Pay: Yes, given that he has declared a majority before in 2008 but could not back it up, I am not really convinced.

But maybe the tactic here is to throw a monkey wrench into the existing machinery.

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