YOURSAY | Kudos to Shafie but Sabah needs a ‘warrior’



YOURSAY | ‘A leader must also be able to make a difference, just like the late Adenan Satem in S’wak.’

Shafie knows he can't get the numbers, won't entice defections - source

Bobby0: According to Luyang assemblyperson Phoong Jin Zhe, despite returning to the "dark ages", Warisan Plus will continue to sow hope for the people in Sabah.

“Hope” is not the right word. The exact words needed are to “get down to work right away”. Do with whatever resources available to win the hearts of your constituents.

Time will fly and in two years we will face another major election. This will show exactly as to which leader had really contributed to his constituents.

You can be the wakil rakyat, but if you are not seen in your area or not contributed in any way, there will be some effects to your position in the next elections.

Warisan and ex-chief minister Shafie Apdal had done a great job at the elections. It is their coalition partners that have let them down, especially Upko.

It is these areas that need extra effort. Maybe more service centres or whatever help, even how small, may go a long way to change the people's outlook at Warisan in the next elections.

Areas where they lost by small margins need extra attention. There are small important ways for people to feel your presence. It can be in giving people free tuition. Help them in small chores. Help them in their daily life.

It is work, work and work that will make a difference. Even if the odds are stacked against you.

FairMalaysian: Indeed, “hope” is just a hopeless word that somehow found its way into the ridiculed dictionary of politicians. Just show that you can turn that elusive "hope" into a tiny bit of reality, people will love you.

This can be an excuse if Warisan was never the government. An opposition party that has never been in power will face handicaps and resort to "hope". But having been the government for more than two years, Warisan’s lacklustre leadership can grace the pages of failure in a storybook.

Don't take my word. After being in the stranglehold of Taib Mahmud's leadership for many, many years, a charismatic Adenan Satem, just at the doorstep of Sabah, showed all Malaysians what you need to be a leader.

All he needed was just a few weeks to win the hearts of Sarawakians. Shafie may not measure up to Adenan but as I see it, he is not the person who will make the difference and can be the leader who can lift Sabahans out of their present predicament.

Sabah needs a "warrior" - the people of Sabah have been inundated with such low-quality politicians who masquerade as life-saving leaders. None of them, the present chief minister and his three ‘stooges’ are anywhere near feeling the pulse of Sabahans.

The Wakandan: It is not enough just to be decent, Shafie has to be outstanding and make a difference. Adenan turned the norm perpetuated by Taib upside down. He was not afraid to do that.

He made English the second official language and accepted the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) despite brickbats from Umno and PAS from the Peninsular.

In Sabah, a real leader would turn the state upside down to revamp totally the corruption and the misdeeds done by the previous BN government.

Otherwise, as long as you continue to follow the previous norm, you are not bringing any changes but perpetuating what already existed.

Shafie could not impose radical changes because, basically, he is Umno at heart with Dr Mahathir Mohamad as his mentor and leader.

He is just a better personality than Musa Aman, that is if we want to close one eye to the billions that were lost in Sabah when he was a BN federal rural development minister.

Simple Truth: One good thing that came out of this situation is that Shafie and Warisan Plus did not go about buying support from the “frogs”.

If they did that, then they are no better than BN and PN. They would have lost to the pirates and mercenaries where money is the name of the game.

Warisan Plus will now have to prepare for GE15. They lost because they were confident of winning and were deceived by poll analysts.

There was no real effort to get voters to return, and reports of rising Covid-19 cases in Sabah perhaps caused low voter turnout.

PKR will need to rethink about being in East Malaysia when their performance has been continually disappointing.

It’s better for it to focus on Peninsular Malaysia where its support is becoming weaker by the day because their president is more engrossed on being prime minister.

Salvage Malaysia: Warisan and Pakatan Harapan shared a common problem. They didn’t know how to create economic wealth and growth for the rakyat and the country. Instead, subsidies were taken away all in the name of BN bankrupting Malaysia.

I hope Harapan leaders learn a good lesson that in the end, the blame game won’t help but real progressive actions to grow the economy is the major deciding factor. Take a cue from Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s politics. Talk less and do more.

Fake Liberals: @Salvage Malaysia. Oh, sure, what a bang-up job he's doing - promising handouts after handouts, as if we are printing cash in some basement.

I wonder what's going to happen when we run out of cash “to stimulate the economy”.

Undecided: We should not blame the voters who are impoverished. Until we have experienced such poverty, it may not be fair to judge them.

If anybody that should bear the blame, it is those Malay Muslim leaders, both past and present, who refuse to put an end to the New Economy Policy (NEP) and its replacements, a flawed system that has spawned many abusive and corrupt politicians, business leaders and cronies.

These political leaders have no qualms in using race and religion to divide us in order to continue this evil get-rich-quick scheme. They are the ones who bribe voters or politicians for support.

The more enlightened and fortunate among us must work harder to bring about change in this entrenched system of using race and religion to divide us so that politicians can continue to steal from the country through corruption and abuse - which caused 1MDB.

That's the only way out of Malaysia's predicament.

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