COMMENT | The real issue with Anwar’s leadership

He was as yet not sufficiently experienced in ruffianism to know that one villain always sacrifices another to advance his own project; he was credulous enough to believe in the old adage of 'honour amongst thieves”.

- French writer Émile Gaboriau

COMMENT | Every time Dr Mahathir Mohamad needs to remain relevant, he takes a dig at Anwar Ibrahim. Meanwhile, when Anwar needs to remain relevant, he decides to stage a counter-coup. I have no idea why Mahathir thinks that Anwar is a threat he needs to neutralise.

Does the old maverick think that he has any credibility with Pakatan Harapan? That is a trick question.

He probably does think he has some credibility with Harapan because he always managed to find people who would bend to his political will to get into power, including his former protege, no matter the abuse he hurls at them.

Nobody in Umno, besides old relics, take Mahathir Mohammad seriously. Umno has more or less moved on. Do not get too caught up in the honeymoon is ending narrative being flouted around. Umno and PAS were never on a honeymoon...

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