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ADUN SPEAKS | Calling for stop to temple demolitions near impossible

ADUN SPEAKS | Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammed Sanusi Mohd Nor is up to his nonsense again. When some Hindu groups requested the Kedah government to guarantee that no more temples be demolished, Sanusi threatened further action on illegal temples.

In fact, he said that either the illegal Hindu temples be removed by their own members or be prepared for demolition.

For Sanusi, there is no compromise on this matter. Nevermind that there are thousands of illegal buildings, illegal stalls and many others. For him, there are only illegal Hindu temples and nothing else.

This is the number one man in Kedah, supposedly representing all races, despite being a member of Islamist party PAS. Since PAS has not taken any action to reprimand him for his various preposterous remarks, does this mean that his party condones his deeds?

He seems to be targeting Hindu temples in the name of illegality as Hindus are...

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