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'Chinese chauvinist faction in DAP' - veteran weighs in

INTERVIEW | Since the 13th general election, DAP has been attempting to make inroads with the Malay electorate and to shed its Chinese-dominated party image.

This led to a clash within the party dubbed as the “Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean” debate.

During the debate, labels such as “Hua Sha” (Chinese chauvinist) and “Da Ai” (great love) were hurled at the opposing factions. The latter term is a sarcastic reference for the faction which believes it is crucial for the party's future to win the hearts and minds of Malay voters.

In an interview with Malaysiakini, DAP veteran Liew Ah Kim weighed in on whether there is a “Chinese chauvinist” faction.

It appears that the answer, according to him, is both “yes” and “no”...

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