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COMMENT | At 20, I was a student in an upper-class international university in Subang Jaya, surrounded by rich kids and wealthy international students.

I felt a certain sense of being out of place, as my clothes were still the same frock from high school, not the designer apparel seen everywhere around campus.

My student allowance was tight and I had no intention of getting a part-time job although this would have been more skilfully valuable in the long run, as opposed to rubbing shoulders with affluent men over fine dining and cocktails in fancy hotel restaurants.

Not being able to afford the same makeup or clothing styles as my peers, I began seriously considering having a sugar daddy to alleviate my ‘poor’ social standing.

Enter ‘Seeking Arrangements’, an international platform connecting affluent men and women to young and attractive sugar babies. I signed up and immediately received offers from eager men wanting a shot at the new girl.

My first ‘arrangement’ was with an American businessman. He gave me cash equivalent to US$1,500 for two nights with him at a five-star hotel while he was in town... 

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