COMMENT | PM should get his priorities right with vaccine queue

“Is the prime minister saying that their lives are less important than politicians who get to jump the vaccination queue?”

- Bukit Tengah assemblyperson Gooi Hsiao Leung

COMMENT | Of course, politicians are going to jump the queue and get vaccinated while the rest of us schmucks are going to have to be at the mercy of a bureaucracy which is attempting to navigate this pandemic without any transparency and accountability.

Of course, politicians who engineered a coup think their lives are more important than everyone else's, especially since the system is predicated on privileging their lives, be it in the way they flaunt SOPs or the way how their crimes are handled by the justice system.

What this pandemic has done is merely illustrate how the political elites are cut off from the people they claim to serve. Sure, there have been a few bright spots. There have been politicians and their proxies who attempted to mitigate the ravages that this pandemic has wrought on the average rakyat.

There have been grassroots activists collaborating with politicians who actually want to further their agendas but end up having some positive effects on the ground. But for the most part, politicians have done as much damage to the health security of the rakyat as the virus itself.

Having spent time in the hospital recently...

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