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COMMENT | If you want to change Malaysia, remove your race-tinted specs

COMMENT | If you want to change Malaysia, ignore Muhyiddin Yassin.

Many rebranded Malay politicians retain their Umno-Baru genetic material. They champion the 4 'Rs' - Race, Religion, Royalty and Rasuah, which complement one another. These 4 'R's are like a table with four legs. Remove one leg, and the table will topple.

Muhyiddin told Malaysians to reject politicians who use race for personal gain. He forgets that he is best remembered for his "Malay first, Malaysian second" remark. GE15 must be around the corner.

If you still want the nation to change, try the following:

First: Remove your race-tinted specs

You've heard these before: "I can't work for a Chinese company." Or, "I can't work with a Malay boss." Or, "I was rejected because I am of the wrong race".

We have many good, hardworking Malaysians, but we are all conditioned by race. The ones who are able will flee to work overseas (brain drain)...

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