YOURSAY: Is the deputy minister back from NZ yet?



YOURSAY | ‘We need to call these ‘leaders’ out because they cannot keep to the policies they put in place.’

COMMENT | Santhara's presence has embarrassed the NZ govt

Vijay47: I was one of those who did not split hairs about Deputy Federal Territories Minister Edmund Santhara’s dire need to be with wife and family, but now that the real fairy tale has emerged, I must take out the long knives on him.

Changing party-allegiance did not bother him in the least, what he wanted beyond all else was to strut about with the schoolyard bullies.

Yes, Santhara, we remember vividly how you sicced the police on Batu MP P Prabakaran. What poetic justice that the Batu MP has returned the favour with “yes sir, yes sir three bags full” of karma.

In Malaysia, intra-party contamination is not frowned upon. Hence, we have a prime minister who remains dumb when firm assurances are called for, and we have party leaders who do not hesitate to make absolute, obnoxious imbeciles of themselves, that is par for the local course.

But New Zealand appears to be of a different ovine breed, their leaders are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and responsibility.

Recently, Kiwi premier Jacinda Ardern earned international accolades for the manner she governs from Wellington. Now that you have smuggled in the poisoned chalice, is her place in politics to be as short-lived as yours, Eddie?

There would be calls for her head for allowing you in during Covid-19, and I am sure she would walk willingly to the guillotine.

One statement in your passionate speech in that campaign video clip rings true - that you will serve Segamat for RM1. That is about the actual value of your role as MP.

Coward: He has 55 days leave, and he left on Dec 23, 2020.

Let us give him the benefit of doubt and it is 55 workdays and we have five days working week and exclude the public holidays. Too generous I know, but he did get an extremely understanding boss.

Based on my calculations, he should be back very soon. No doubt everyone is watching when he is back and whether the ‘work from home’ policy of the Malaysian government extends to working from overseas.

The effect of this exposé, and perhaps its purpose, is to (rightly) shut the door which he used to obtain leave.

On a side note, Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship so whether he is a citizen of New Zealand matters to us.

It is true that New Zealand’s government will not confirm his citizenship status but it will be very easy to find out by examining his personal passport and movements if the Malaysian government chooses to do so.

Eyes Wide Open: He did not just embarrass the New Zealand government but also us Malaysians.

A cabinet minister on leave in New Zealand when his fellow Malaysian citizens are battling the pandemic daily and suffering from the economic effects of the pandemic.

If he had been forthcoming from the very beginning and been transparent, it could have been acceptable. But to keep us and his own constituents in the dark, he is taking the rakyat for fools.

He may have his rights for a holiday or to take care of his family (as per his excuse), but the people have the right to know from the very start and not be kept in the dark about a missing MP and cabinet minister.

If he has any ounce of decency left in him, he should resign from his post as a cabinet minister and even as an MP. Unfortunately, while decency is expected from ordinary folks, people in the government are excused from possessing it.

Another shameful episode for us Malaysians.

BrownFalcon4984: Slowly all 'frogs' are showing that they have no principles. Santhara is a disgrace to Malaysians.

This case is going to embarrass Ardern’s government if they are not transparent and announce on what basis he was allowed into New Zealand.

HeadHunter: Believe me, if the New Zealand opposition keeps up the pressure, all will be disclosed or Arden’s political career will be on the line. New Zealand is different from Malaysia where everything is “boleh”.

Siva1967: I am working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and the last time I left Kuala Lumpur was on Feb 16, 2019.

It has been more than one year since I have returned to Malaysia to see my wife and kids simply because of the double quarantine I have to go through in both countries. This is not forgetting the several tests I have to take to ensure I am Covid-19 free.

Each day I wait with bated breath that the situation will improve and the cases will come down to a manageable level that will prompt the authorities to relax the travel requirement, only to see one minister going for a “semi-official” trip to Turkey, a former chief minister left off the hook to destabilise a state government only for a state-wide election being called, which triggered the third wave.

And another minister changed the quarantine period from 14 days to three days for ministers without giving any scientific evidence for such amendments.

I can go on and on and on pointing out all the comical and idiotic sandiwara (shadow play) perpetuated by this backdoor government.

JayWai: The double standards practised by the people in power are so glaring. And we need to call these “leaders” out because they cannot keep to the laws and policies they put in place.

Then the ordinary people must not be expected to obey it, let alone be punished for breaking these laws.

BlueShark1548: It is Santhara’s right to choose where he wants to raise his family. However, as a politician, it says a lot about his confidence in our country if his family had been resettled in New Zealand and acquired residency.

If Santhara himself acquired PR there, then it is only appropriate that he resigns as deputy minister.

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