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COMMENT | Is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah an agent of the DAP?

"For me, anyone who intentionally wants us to split and wants us to be weak, they are DAP and Harapan agents - Wan Saiful Wan Jan

COMMENT | They say power corrupts and nowhere is this more axiomatic than in Wan Saiful Wan Jan, who used to peddle this image of being in the vanguard of Malay thought. In 2017 he wrote two big think pieces - ‘Affirmative action is morally wrong’ and ‘Bring back morality into economics’ which slipped under the radar but were interesting reads steeped in the kind of genuine American conservatism (as opposed to Trumpism) that used to be spread around by local lads influenced by outreach programmes from K Street.

You can read my take on those pieces here – “What I really like about Wan Saiful’s piece beyond his candour is that he stakes no middle ground. He argues against affirmative action as something morally wrong and does not attempt to soften the stance by pandering to the politically-correct narrative of a 'needs-based' approach.”

A friend had warned me privately and publicly about being too enamoured by Wan Saiful's rhetoric and his conduct since joining a race-based political party has proven that his deeds, not words, defined his political stance.

Ever since embracing the racial politics of Bersatu which is a replica of Umno and joining the treacherous bunch in the Sheraton Move, Wan Saiful has been peddling his racial polemics and various other failed political stratagems as a means to secure power for his coterie of treacherous cohorts.

Wan Saiful latest remarks about how people trying to legitimately topple a backdoor government are agents of the DAP and Pakatan Harapan are the kind of Malay uber alles propaganda that got Umno into trouble in the first place.

First of all, it is not about the DAP and Wan Saiful knows this. The only political operatives who could topple the Periktan Nasional regime are sections of the Malay political establishment.

The only people who could split the Malay vote - and they have demonstrated they can - are ... 

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