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Hisham vs Ong - its getting personal
Published:  Sep 13, 2006 12:22 PM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

Hishammuddin, use the good head you have to deal with the issue - investigate, get the facts and then rein in on your good friends in the MCA, says a reader.


On Umno, MCA leaders lock horns over 'missing' funds

Bystander: By looking at the recent performance of Hishammuddin, I think he is in a state of confusion. Hisham has recently fired three 'mis-shots' hitting at the wrong targets.

First, Hisham could not control his Umno Youth No 2, KJ. KJ himself was fired by Dr Mahathir over business deals and influence on our Pak Lah. Hisham must be very upset because his No 2 was overshadowing him recently and was acting like a 'Malay Hero'. Hisham could not fire KJ, instead he chose to fire MCA Youth, Gerakan, and everybody else who was angry with KJ's racial remarks.

Second, Hisham recently bombarded MCA Youth secretary Dr Wee Ka Siong on some remarks of a teacher who attended a MCA Youth's public hearing. Again, this has got nothing to do with Dr Wee who did not even fully commend on what that teacher said with regard to the teaching Islamic subjects in our schools.

Thirdly, Hisham fired at Ong Tee Keat who was only commenting on the possible misappropriating of funds' allocated to a Chinese primary school in Muar'. Instead of focusing on finding out what has gone wrong with the allocation of funds, and who were the culprits, Hisham chose to fire at the whistleblower.

Strictly speaking, Ong was not the whistleblower, someone else is. Hisham also talked about Ong's relationship with other MCA leaders and his strong support for Ong when Tun Ling Liong Sik was planning to sack Ong. What is this all about? The more I read about Hisham's comments, the more I worry about him.

Ong Tee Keat is making comments on possible misappropriation of funds after hearing a MCA division chairman complained about the problem, while Hisham is talking about Ong's personal matters which have got nothing to do with the allocation of funds.

So, Hisham fired three mis-shots to hit at three wrong targets. The pity is, he might not even aware of this. So, can someone please tell Hisham to be more cool, and stop firing the 4th shot before seeing clearly who and where is the correct target.

Ordinary Citizen: As an independent observer, I notice that the BN's "so-called spirit of cooperation and compromise" is slowly but surely breaking down. The deputy chief of Umno Youth can make racial slurs and claims while speaking to his own hornet's nest but MCA members doing the same are called to follow some "unwritten protocol".

YB Hishammuddin, please ask why your deputy did not consult you first before making the same kind of accusation against "the Chinese community" before taking MCA's Ong Tee Keat to task. After all, he was also a Youth leader. Forget about whether he is a former minister or the PM's son-in-law - if you are using the same yardstick of "principles" (which your grandfather and father are famous for), please stand up to the same measure.

You are simply wrong on this outburst; as you were the first to raise the keris and play to your gallery! The theatre of "wayang kulit" is now open and everyone can now play and act the script, as Bolehland Malaysians.

Ahmad Fuad: I have only one hope. I hope the feud between Hishammuddin and Ong is not another BN-produced Chinese opera! I hope it is a prelude to the implosion of the BN and all its component parties! Why? They had their chances. Period!

Sadirah K: I am really concerned that Hishammuddin feels that it is not right to express publicly that government officials are corrupt. This is a fact and unless action is taken that is tangible and visible, things are not going to change.

Please reflect on the money allocated for the building of computer facilities in Pahang. Many of these structures came crashing down and what action has been taken? Similarly, schools that were not build according to specs. The annual Auditor-General report is filled with misuse of both money and resources by government officials.

Instead of looking at the issue, why make it personal I know for a fact that when money was allocated, the full amount never reached a school because I sit on the PIBG (Parents Teachers Association). Many took this as accepted practice.

Only people with clean hands can speak out and take this issue seriously. What can we expect from politicians when their own political culture is tainted with money politics. So, Hishammuddin, address the issue and do not get personal.

Use the good head you have to deal with the issue - investigate, get the facts and then rein in on your good friends in the MCA. Do your homework first, and not try and push the issue under the carpet by making things personal

On Nazri defends sacking of ex-top judge Salleh

Truly Malaysian: One man decides, so what is new in a democracy system.

Why even bother having a public forum? You have top echelon lawyers (who are naturally old, graying and experienced doing their bit for the society) voicing their dissent and then comes along a career politician and decides on the podium that it is his decision on quoted terms "final decision".

Let alone the democracy factor, but wouldn't one being legally trained and politically wise would listen to this learned greying species on the erosion of the judiciary system and maybe create a tribunal, or whatever one may call it, and address the grievances.

Such is a sorrow state of our burgeoning nation.

Salleh Abas is a legacy for his contribution, purpose and sense of living towards humanity because even after 18 years, there are people still fighting for his cause.

On 'Buying' votes for Dr M - Nazri adds a twist

Just Another Malaysian: It's amazing how Pak Lah's spin-masters are getting entangled in their own spins.

The main point is, Mahathir is not the issue here. He is no longer the No 1. He could have made one billion mistakes but he is no longer PM. Well, we had to put up with him, which we did then. But at least with him, things were still moving.

The point is now - and now Pak Lah is the PM. So can we allow Pak Lah or Nazri to keep spinning us? Get real, why keep comparing with TDM (Tun Dr Mahathir) or even mention him - he is history. He is no longer the premier. Why let Nazri or Pak Lah, or the rest of the BN, bring Tun's name out and 'hammer' him. They are doing it to side-track the whole issue, to cover up their wrongdoing.

Nazri should not be allowed to mislead us with all his spins. He is nothing but a coward who dares to speak up only now when TDM is no longer in power. He was involved in all activities in the past anyway.

I just can't understand why everyone is blasting Mahathir. Go ahead, air your frustrations but you can't correct his wrongs by just criticising him. Bring him to justice at the age of 81? Would you bear to see your grandfather at 81 go to jail? I would not.

Just accept that maybe, just maybe, he realises his mistakes and don't want them repeated or that worst mistakes being made. The present government is swindling the country and we're just letting it pass us.

Umno is bigger than TDM they say, but Malaysia is bigger than Pak Lah, Nazri, Rafidah or KJ...

On 'Jewish elements' infiltrating local campuses

Very Sad Malaysian: If what malaysiakini has reported is completely true, I am very worried for the future of this nation. First it was Khairy now USM itself rearing its ugly head of racialism. USM, the training ground for some of our nation's present leaders and decision makers, has now turned into a breeding ground for racialism.

But please allow me space for a prediction. There will be an investigation (internal one as usual) and the result of the investigation: "Everything is alright, just a misunderstanding".

Sounds familiar?

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