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YOURSAY | The Malaysian ‘sport’ of SOP U-turns

YOURSAY | ‘It is funny how they only get things right after a public backlash.’

Minister to appeal MCO ban on outdoor exercise, sports after backlash

ManOnTheStreet: The fact that this standard operating procedure (SOP) ruling on outdoor exercise needs to even be "appealed" boggles my mind. It’s hardly rocket science.

A Google search of exercise during this Covid-19 pandemic will find you overwhelming evidence from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Science Direct and British medical journals of the importance of exercise in keeping the population healthy so that their resistance against the virus remains strong.

Developed nations worldwide, from the UK, US, France, Spain to even our neighbours Singapore, do not stop their citizens from exercising outdoors as they know the important role it plays in keeping their citizens healthy, both physically and mentally, during the pandemic.

Surely the health experts in the National Security Council (NSC) would have been aware of this?

FlabberPro: One thing that has been consistent since the birth of Malaysia's movement control order (MCO) on that fateful March 18, 2020, is the government's stance on U-turns.

As much as their U-turns have caused a lot of heartaches, pains and financial cost, this is one U-turn I hope they will make.

It is funny how they only get things right after a public backlash. So, the rakyat should send backlashes their way as often as possible.

Oct: The ministers in the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government cannot get their SOP right the first time, such as the SOPs for sports and exercise activities.

When the SOP policy is not clear, the enforcers will have a field day with the rakyat. The poor and pitiful rakyat will bear the brunt of it. The rakyat end up as losers in the end.

It looks like nobody reviews any SOP policy before it is implemented. U-turns are common in the PN government SOP policies. It puts the PN government to shame.

However, shame is not a word in their dictionary. The PN government likes to tell the rakyat to follow and do what they advise as they know best, but the fact is that they know nuts, especially with their illogical SOP policies.

The rakyat are no more stupid to accept foolish and illogical policies.

YellowGecko9040: Is the Youth and Sports Minister Reezal Merican Naina Merican trying to dig out his deputy Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal from what he got himself into? Or does this truly reflect two different ideologies within the same ministry?

Both tend to lead to scary thoughts.

If the minister and the deputy have two differing views, shouldn’t they be discussing it amongst themselves with others in the ministry or even with other ministries before coming out with a conjoined statement?

If this is happening in this ministry, you can imagine what other mess lies within other ministries, especially the bloated ones like the Health Ministry and Education Ministry.

More “open mouth, insert foot” scenarios coming your way folks to keep you entertained.

Vgeorgemy: The regime has spent millions of taxpayers’ ringgit implementing the artificial intelligence-based Hotspot Identification by Dynamic Engagement (Hide) detection system to predict whether certain premises or areas might turn into a Covid-19 hotspot.

Outdoor sports and exercise can be easily managed through Hide by informing the population of the exact location of the latest hotspots to avoid.

The current guidelines banning all sports activities and outdoor exercises in affected areas is nothing but proof of ‘boy ministers’ of the regime running the Youth and Sports Ministry and their lack of imagination to provide for the well-being of the population.

Oriole: It might be better if Wan Fayhsal stops issuing statements. Stopping exercise, which is essential for physical and mental health, is a possible sign that the Health Ministry is not staying updated on the importance of physical activities in this pandemic.

Also, these ministers live in large homes and probably have their own gyms and exercise machines. The disparities in the lives of these entitled ministers who earn big bucks in comparison to the average family living in a terrace house or flat is clear.

It just goes to show how out of touch they must be with the real Malaysia.

The Truth Is Out There: The ministry never learns, does it? We've gone through MCOs so many times now, yet they have to take action only now - (review the guidelines again) after receiving negative feedback and backlash.

This means they just rushed to make the decision without thinking it through, or consulting relevant groups.

VioletRaven6661: Why can’t SOPs be thought-out through and through before they are drawn up and why not do it much earlier?

You don’t just decide on the MCO overnight (or do you?) and it’s based on figures, information and such from days or weeks earlier.

After the MCO announcement, the SOPs are only uploaded 24 hours later. That’s why we always have these screw-ups.

PinkCougar9549: How incompetent are these ministers? Your ministry set the guidelines and when it backfires, you said you need to appeal? Did you have your head fixed in your knee when you decided on the SOP?

Is the appeal for your mistakes or ignorance or incompetency? What was in your mind when you made the decisions?

Eyes Wide Open: Indeed, why can’t you just think it thoroughly first before issuing the SOPs, instead of having to U-turn all the time? Have you not learnt from the previous SOPs?

You had months to prepare for MCOs and yet you couldn’t get your communication nor SOPs right. Stop politicking and start saving the country!

Cogito Ergo Sum: The numbers tell a morbid tale: this pandemic is going out of control and our officials in Malaysia are clueless and penniless as to what to do.

To cut the numbers down drastically, they have to take drastic steps, including a complete lockdown.

Stop arguing whether exercising outside will or will not spread the virus faster. Because we have been careless in following SOPs and flagrantly disregarded them, we need to lock down completely. It’s the only way out of this mess.

Well Thats Fantastic: Perhaps let the health professionals handle this instead of politicians?

Politicians make decisions based on who will like them, doctors make decisions based on what is best to stop the spread of infection. Simple, isn't it?

The politicians’ role in all of this is to make sure the top doctors’ advice is followed, nothing more.

Kingfisher 666: If it is really science, you don't have to be in tune with the rakyat. The rakyat will understand. We know this young and arrogant deputy is an empty vessel.

That's the problem - our ministers.

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